EE gives gamers the chance to join the Fnatic esports team

Fancy playing in one of the world’s top esports teams? Well, the British mobile operator, EE, has launched a brand new mobile gaming competition that could give you chance to join the Fnatic esports organisation.

The EE Mobile Series allows their customers to play the hit mobile game, Clash Royale, and fight their way to a grand final that takes place in London early next year. If the gamer wins the tournament, then they will become a fully fledged member of Fnatic and pick up a range of extra goodies like the latest OnePlus smartphone.


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Details of the EE Mobile Series

The mobile network’s decision to launch their own EE Mobile Series gaming tournament marks yet another move by a huge company to jump on the esports bandwagon. Gamers have already been invited to sign up to the opening qualifying stages that take place at 7pm on 27 and 29 November, and once registered, they will have to prove their gaming skill on the epic Clash Royale mobile title to make it through to the group stages.

There are four group stages in the EE Mobile Series which take place on 4, 6, 11 and 13 December, and they will each include 16 of the highest ranked gamers of the previous qualifying rounds. Even if you don’t make it through to this level of the contest, then you can still follow the action via the live streams.

The action all builds up to the live final that will feature the eight winning players of the group stages. This will take place at the BT Sports London Studios on 20 January 2019, and it will see one winner claim their place in the Fnatic esports team. But it doesn’t stop there, as each finalist will receive OnePlus’ new flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 6T, to compete on in their bid to gain competitive gaming immortality.

A big push for mobile gaming

Whilst mobile gaming is often looked down upon by pro gamers, this competition has the potential to make many gaming fans reconsider their opinions on titles like Clash Royale. A quick look at the biggest esports tournaments reveals how first-person shooters like Counter Strike Global Offensive and battle arena titles such as League of Legends tend to rule competitive gaming.

These PC and console-based titles are renowned for their complex gameplay and immersive graphics, but as mobile games get evermore sophisticated, then we can expect to see many mobile specific esports tournaments like the EE Mobile Series being unveiled in the future.

It’s estimated that around 36% of the world’s gaming market involves mobile games, and this figure is expected to grow significantly in the future. The fact that there are over 183 million mobile gamers in China alone illustrates how exciting this rapidly growing market is to games developers, and it’s widely expected that mobile esports tournaments could be the next big thing to hit competitive gaming.


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Clash Royale’s publishers, Supercell, have already invested in a new competitive gaming league for the title that features thousands of players competing for a chance to win $1 million in prize funds. In addition to this, the top esports organisation, Gen. G recently launched their first mobile gaming team to join the Clash Royale league alongside 35 other top esports organisations.

Whilst top level esports gaming requires some fairly powerful hardware, we have also seen mobile developers releasing some gaming-specific smartphones. A big reason as to why OnePlus decided to partner with EE for the EE Mobile Series tournament is the fact that their new OnePlus 6T smartphone is targeted at mobile gamers with features like a specific gaming mode, a rich and detailed display, and speedy charging capacity helping to ensure that they can get a top-level gaming experience.

Why Fnatic are the esports team to watch

Fnatic are quite rightly regarded as one of the world’s premier esports organisations, and getting a chance to join this team will clearly be a huge opportunity for avid gamers. The UK-based esports team first started up in 2004, and since then they have picked up many impressive tournament titles including the League of Legends World Championship and three Counter Strike Global Offensive majors.

Whilst Fnatic are most associated with esports such as League of Legends, CSGO and even Heroes of the Storm, they recently made the move to join the mobile gaming revolution. With a Clash Royale team featuring star players such as Dion, Lemon Tea, Asuchini and zTeemper, it’s clear that they could quickly rise to dominate this epic mobile title. And with all gamers now being given the chance to join this legendary esports organisation, it’s evident that the EE Mobile Series is an opportunity that’s too good to miss.

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