Unikrn Offers $50,000 – New Streaming Talent Needed

Not so long ago, Unikrn, a very popular esports betting site where betting on streamers is available announced that they are looking for a new player/streamer to join their team. The best thing about this job is that it is a 6-month long gig that is paid $50,000. If you are interested in this, you can find more information below.

Unikrn offers dream job, streamer and pro gramer

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What Are You Getting With This Deal

You are getting a lot of things with this deal. Alongside $50K, these are the other things you are getting:

  • A stack of brand-new streaming gear
  • Asset and creative assistance from Unikrn’s world-class team
  • Networking and partnership assistance from Unikrn and will be able to take additional sponsorships from non-competitors
  • Officially signed with Unicorns of Love family, playing under one of esports’ most celebrated banners
  • No relocation expected: play from where you are

As you can see from the list above, you are in for quite a treat if you are the chosen one. However, you will have a lot of obligations to fulfill as well so please do not think that this is an easy job.

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Unikrn Best Job $50k

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What is Your Job?

Once we have seen this esports news, we thought that this would be a walk in the park for a lucky person. However, that is not the case. Let’s go over certain numbers first.

Roughly around 4.000,000 people are streaming every single month in 2019. On top of that, there are only around 35,000 streamers that are partnered. Unikrn is offering a unique chance for one of you to be partnered and in my opinion, this is an excellent chance for you.

You are entitled to a 6-month probation period with Unikrn where you will represent Unikrn of Love, a very popular esports organization.

Furthermore, you will have to stream at least 4 times per week. However, you will also have to stream at least once during the weekend. Stream time must be split between Europe and North America. At least 25% for both regions.

You can also play various games, but keep in mind that they have to be multiplayer games that you can play solo.

If you think that you tick all of the boxes, make sure you sign up. Who knows, maybe it is your lucky day.

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