Andrew Jenkins joins GG.BET as an ambassador for Dota 2

GG.BET is continuing to expand into new areas of esports. This week they’ve signed Andrew “Jenkins” Jenkins as an ambassador. Jenkins is a DOTA 2 commentator and an analyst.

He is joining to produce content with the company focused on creating unique experiences for Dota fans. The move makes a lot of sense here, bringing one of the top Dota commentators on board ahead of The International 2022, where GG.BET is one of the biggest esports bookmakers is the official betting partner.

Jenkins x GGBET

Jenkins aims to create unique experiences with GG.BET

Andrew Jenkins is a Canadian Dota 2 player, and now a streamer and commentator. In the past, he’s been a part of teams, but he’s now one of the biggest analysts and on-screen host. As broadcast talent, he’s been a part of all the biggest competitions lately. He’s also pretty well known in the community.

As a content creator and streamer, Andrew makes a big impact. His streams are some of the most creative, entertaining nearly 350,000 subscribers in total. He will be organizing special shows, and also videos specifically as part of this partnership.

“I’m delighted to be an ambassador for a brand that puts so much effort into the growth of esports. GG.BET and I have a lot in common: a genuine love for Dota 2, a desire to create high-quality content, and a huge audience of esports fans. Together we’ll be able to show a whole side of Dota, to amaze seasoned veterans, and draw in some new blood. We’re coming up with a lot of content, including on- and offline activities. We’ll be playing Dota 2 together, having a great time, drinking some diet cola, visiting some awesome events, and playing Pudge in mid.”

His content will also include Twitch streams that are directly sponsored by GG.BET. Specifically, they’ll be special streams that feature prizes and unique promotions. Viewers of the stream will get access to exclusive promotions from the betting site by watching the stream, available only to Jenkin’s subscribers.

Jenkins joins GG.BET at a perfect time

First up, a special stream is also being hosted to celebrate him joining the platform. The first stream will see fans have the chance to win special prizes provided by the bookmaker. Those who can predict the winner of Herald replay will get these unique prizes.

The next major stream is going to come straight after the T1 Regional Qualifier. A Secret Immortal Show will be hosted with GG.BET as the sponsor. It’ll be a special game with a secret pro player competing alongside others. Viewers have to try and guess which of these is a pro DOTA player and not a regular-competitors. These are unique ways to add a sponsorship to a stream. It isn’t just a logo on the side of his channel.

The partnership itself comes in a seriously expansive year for GG.BET, as the bookmaker expanded their outreach into sponsoring both Dota 2 and CSGO PGL Majors in Arlington and Antwerp, whilst also on-boarding Vitality’s CSGO team in the GG.BET family.

Jenkins joining in as an ambassador likely aims to further strengthen their commitment to Dota 2, and providing unique experiences for fans.