Key matches to analyze from SC2 Casters Civil War Playoffs

The Starcraft 2 scene is still up and kicking this year and the CCW tournament that ran from April 8th until April 24th was quite a blast. If you are already not familiar with the tournament format, it is a bit different from the serious events where players compete for league points. Instead, the teams in the tournament are drafted by eight professional Starcraft 2 commentators: Peru, CatZ, RotterdaM, DeMusliM, Nathanias, Wardi, ZombieGrub, PiG and Feardragon.

While this is a for-fun event, players are were clearly tryharding to win it all, and there was some good VODs to review and take into considering for Starcraft betting, before DH SC2 Masters Valencia rolls around.

Sc2 casters civil war

Casters Civil War Playoffs and noteworthy matches

Instead of just randomizing a pick order to draft their team, the commentators played a free for all game, and the pick order was determined exactly as we listed the commentators. The rewards are nothing too big compared to bigger tournaments, but they are no joke either. Players got prizes based on their placement(number of victories) in the group stages, as well as their placement in the Playoffs.

Once the group stage was complete six teams moved on to the Playoffs:

  • RotterdaM Admirals – Reynor, MaxPax, TIME, Harstem, Kelazhur
  • War Pigs – Clem, Cure, Elazer, Dream, Nice
  • Stasis Wardis – Byun, Solar, Classic, Creator, Spirit
  • The Grubalubadubdubs – uThermal, HeRoMaRinE, ShoWTimE, Skillous, RRattata
  • GOAT & The Gang – Serral, Bunny, Lambo, Armani, DnS
  • Team Special Tactics – Rogue, Gumiho, hero, SpeCial, Keen

In the quarter-finals, we had Rotterdam Admirals winning the first round against War Pigs with the match score of 3:1, as well as Stasis Wardis prevailing over The Grubalubadubdubs with the match score of 3:0. Semi-finals already had two teams who did best in the group stages. GOAT & The Gang had a close victory over RotterdaM Admirals with the finals score being 3:2, and Stasis Wardis continued their push to the finals against Team Special Tactics with a 3:1 score.

Finally, we had quite an interesting series in the finals as well. The games went back and for between the teams, but the final score was 3:2 in favor of Stasis Wardis.

Here are key matches (with links) from the entire event, in case you want to check out some VODs from SCLinks.

  • TIME vs Dream – Curious Minds LE – QF
  • GuMiho vs Classic – Curious Minds LE – SF
  • Zest vs Serral on Berlingrad LE – GD7
  • Serral vs Solar on Berlingrad LE – Final
  • Bunny vs Byun on Curious Minds LE – Final
  • DnS vs Spirit on Blackburn LE – Final