Will PSG Talon defend the title? – Kicking off PCS Summer 2022

After all the major regions have started their Summer Split, it’s time for PCS Summer 2022 to get going!

Many roster changes have been made during the offseason, including some of the big teams! What went down and who is the favorite to win the split? – Let’s break it down.

PSG Talon

An eventful off-season for PSG Talon

After a decent showing by PSG Talon at MSI, the team is returning to the PCS with two major changes to their roster. The Korean jungle mid duo of Juhan and Bay have been released, with the org bringing in another Korean duo. Jungler Burry was picked up from the LCK Academy Series, while Gori was picked up from FPX after a disappointing spring split.

There isn’t a lot of information about the jungler, but Gori is definitely an upgrade over Bay, who has always been one of the worst mids in the LCK last year. I’m still expecting PSG Talon to be a front runner for this split, but I’m also curious to see if CTBC Flying Oyster can match them after their great performance in spring. They haven’t changed their roster, which should give them an early advantage in terms of synergy compared to PSG, so keep an eye out on them. 

The irony of fate, the two will face in the match opener of the summer split. Without much information about their recent scrims or official games, it is really hard to make a call. From the outside, I think PSG should still have the upper hand, especially considering the valuable lessons they learned from the top teams at MSI.

Impunity’s complete rebuild can’t be forgotten

While our focus is squarely on PSG Talon today, Impunity has made the biggest waves in the PCS during the mid-season. After coming in 7th in Spring, they went through a complete rebuild. It is a very bold move, which increases the interest of the team but at the same time. They are also risky to analyze, due to the lack of data. Some of the players have already played in the PCS in the past, but Impunity also hired complete rookies to round off the roster.

We have to keep an eye on how a completely unknown roster may shake up the scene from the get.

PSG Talon vs Beyond Gaming – PCS Summer 2022 opener

PSG will not only play against CFO in the match opener, but they will also face Beyond Gaming in the last match of Week 1. Last year’s Worlds representative, BYG had a relatively anonymous spring, finishing in 5th.

During the off season, they were one of the few teams that didn’t make any changes to the player roster or coaching staff. Nevertheless, I think that after losing Doggo (who went to the LPL), the team lost quite a bit of firepower. With J Team, PSG and CFO being the undisputed top 3 teams, I don’t see them getting close to the top 4.

Below you can find the best LoL odds for this series:

  • Winner: PSG Talon (1.40x)
  • Total Kills: Below 26.5 (1.68x)
  • Race to 5 kills: PSG Talon (1.65x)