King of Glory KPL Spring 2021 – Latest happenings at King Pro League

The KPL Pro League is just about to kick off the Second Group stage. King Pro League is one of the biggest events in mobile gaming as a whole, as the main league for King of Glory. The title is one of the biggest mobile games, with a huge esports side.

While the tournament structure is a little convoluted, this event is going to pay off to fans who are watching. If you’re looking at mobile esports betting, then this is one of the year’s biggest events. This is how its all going thus far at KPL Spring 2021, and what you should keep your eyes on.

KPL King of Glory

KPL Spring 2021 – Format & Schedule

The KPL Spring 2021 tournament, or King Pro League, is the premier event for Honor Kings. This game might not have the most name recognition, as it actually goes by a few names. You’ll find it referred to as King of Glory, Honor of Kings, and Arena of Valor. These are all one game, even if the titles can be a bit confusing. This title is strange in its representation outside of China.

However, all of these game titles are running as one for this tournament. This is how it’s going to run:

  • Pre-season – Teams competed in 2 groups of a Single Round-Robin. The teams are then seeded into the next round, going into three groups based on their placement.
  • Group Stage – Teams compete in best of five, in a single round robin format. Group Stage is played in three separate rounds, with each round promoting and relegating teams between the groups. KPL Spring 2021 is currently in the second group stage round running until May 9th. A third round of Group Stage will commence once the second is complete.
  • The Playoffs – kick off following the conclusion of the Group Stage. Depending on their rankings in the Group Stage, teams are seeded into a elimination bracket.

So, the event is really quite lengthy. It spans months. However, it is a great chance for the top Honor of Kings teams to measure up against each other. These teams compete a lot over the whole course of the event. So if you’re looking at King of Glory betting, you should have a decent grasp of where each team stands by the time we reach the play off bracket. The entire event is streaming, so you can catch all of the action live.

The KPL Spring 2021 – Who is Performing Well

The KPL Spring 2021 is already part way through, but we’re still a long way off from the playoffs that will crown a winner. There aren’t too many teams taking part to consider how big of a tournament this is, only 17 competing. Out of these 17, a few are already standing out in the competition.

Sat at the top of the first group at the moment is eStar Pro. While they’re sat on top at the moment, their past few tournament results don’t exactly point to them taking home first place. This team is improved, but can they pull off the upset and in the tournament?

While things are still early, eStar’s much improved performance could make a real difference to the final standings, if they can keep this up.

Douyu Gaming are competing in this event, having taken home second in the Winter Season, 1st in the Fall, 1st at the Silk Road Cup, and a number of other recent titles. While definitely one of the teams to watch, they’re currently sat in second place in one of the leagues. These are some of the teams to keep your eye on, especially if you’re looking down the betting path.

We currently don’t have an expert in King of Glory betting to provide us adequate predictions just yet. We will however try to find the best esports odds and predictions for you soon.

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