Kkatamina Becomes Most Subbed Female Twitch Streamer Ever

It’s a record-breaking achievement for variety streamer, Miyoung Kim, or better known as kkatamina by fans. The year-old Twitch streamer recently ended her twelve-day long stream marathon or ‘subathon’.

While the aspiring streamer takes her much-deserved rest, let’s look back at how kkatamina’s subathon went.

Miyoung Kkatamina record subs for female streamer in twelve-day stream

Miyoung kkatamina became one of the most popular streamers in the platform’s history, following her sensational stream. Kkatamina is ranked tenth on the all-time peak active subs leaderboard with 73,623 subs. In terms of current active subs, kkatamina is third, shadowed only by Félix “xQc” Lengyel (80k) and Criticalrole (76k).

It all started with a humble tweet by @kkatamina, announcing her first and last subathon to celebrate her birthday. What began as a fun, wholesome stream, quickly became an adrenaline-filled bandwagon of viewers, subscribers and supportive Twitch celebrities pumping subs to her channel.

How the subathon works is for every sub kkatamina receives the stream duration increases. In kkatamina’s case, she set the rate to increment fifteen seconds for every sub she got. Since kkatamina did not set a duration limit to how long her uncapped subathon should last, it quickly overwhelmed her schedule for the next twelve days.

Throughout the subathon, kkatamina played various games, including League of Legends, Undertale, VALORANT, and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Well, of course, the stream also consisted of her Just Chatting away with viewers and Twitch streamers, and a quick dose-off from her stream setup.

However, what surged kkatamina Twitch stream further was the immense support from pal, Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter. The 100 Thieves co-founder dropped $5,000 worth of Twitch subs while heard saying, “You get a sub, you get a sub, you got a sub! They call me Oprae.

Kkatamina’s Twitch career and recent success

Kkatamina is a relatively new streamer on the Amazon-owned platform, where she spent her early days with only 1-2k viewers in December 2020. The channel now sees triple the average viewership, but expect the recent Twitch phenomena to scale her fanbase exponentially.

Part of the success and huge fanbase were due to her compassionate personality and not one to shy away from face reveal since her debut. Furthermore, the kkatamina Twitch channel started out unofficially affiliated with the OfflineTV and Friends (OTV) universe. She spent time playing Minecraft and meeting up with the circle. Notably, she frequents visits and hangouts with Yvonne “yvonnie” Ng and Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang.

Its all about the Kkatamina pets

The pet dog goes by the name, Nabi, and the cat, Siri. Both pets became a mainstay in kkatamina’s stream and fans recognize the dog’s iconic chicken-like barks. Kkatamina dog, not to be mistaken as a chicken by most viewers, shares an interesting backstory. Kkatamina searched for dogs for sale on Google and found a listing of Nabi needing an owner.

As for the kitten, kkatamina adopted Siri a day after she initiated her subathon run. However, Siri is just a temporary name for the black kitten, so fans are expecting kkatamina to do a poll vote as soon as she announces her next stream. Fortunately, Kkatamina’s pets aren’t as elusive as kkatamina boyfriend’s identity.

Kkatamina and Toast relationship?

There’s no denying that kkatamina and Toast are very close, so rumors about kkatamina and toast dating aren’t unreasonable. Well, this isn’t just another baseless rumor as there are decent sources to back it.

For instance, kkatamina was the only friend outside of OTV, who attended Toast’s sister’s wedding. Then, there are also featured kkatamina vods titled “Toast Movie Date with Kkatamina” uploaded by the official OTV Youtube channel, plausibly foreshadowing the lovebirds’ relationship.

Nevertheless, there’s no official statement from either party yet, so do take the rumor about kkatamina Disguised Toast with a pinch of salt.