Las Vegas Legion Breaks Seven-Month Losing Streak in the CDL

It was seven months ago, on the 6th of May, that Paris Legion won its last match. It was during the CDL 2022 Pro-Am Classic, and the team scored a 3 – 1 result over Toronto Ultra Academy NA. From that day on, Paris Legion (now Las Vegas Legion) failed to secure a single win, with most matches going down as a 1 – 3 or a 0 – 3 result. Now, in a monumental, overwhelming victory, Las Vegas Legion has finally landed a win, beating Minnesota Rokkr in the last week of the Major I Qualifiers.

It was a stupendous moment, and it couldn’t have been a more impressive fixture if the teams involved deliberately tried to make it so. It started with Legion winning the opening Hardpoint with a scoreline of 222 – 250, and then in the Search and Destroy round, the team dominated again, with Clayster landing an ace. Minnesota pulled it back with a win in Control, but on the fourth map, Legion went all-out, snatching the final Hardpoint with a scoreline of 248 – 250.

What an incredible finish.

Major I Needs to Shake Up The Standings

las vegas legion loss

Temp was elated following the win over Rokkr

Now that the first round of qualifiers is up, Major I is ready to kick off – and it will do, between the 15th and the 18th of December. This weekend, fans of the CDL were treated to a mixed back of matches, ranging from the utterly predictable to the unimaginable surprises. For instance, Las Vegas Legion lost 0 – 3 to Atlanta FaZe before dominating Minnesota Rokkr, currently the top team in the table (now, now, OpTic fans…).

In a similar fashion, last season’s champions, the LA Thieves, crashed out against a mid-table Florida Mutineers, only to absolutely tear shreds out of OpTic Texas last night. As we approach the first Major of the season, the Call of Duty League standings look dramatically different to last year. There’s been something of a switch-up between the best COD players in the world right now, and the likes of Atlanta FaZe currently sit in fourth place.

There’s a strict balance down the centre of the table, though. From Boston Breach sitting in third place to Florida Mutineers in 10th, every team’s performance has almost been identical. There are four teams out of twelve with a 9 – 8 game record, and eight teams sitting on a 2 – 2 match record. Following the first Major, the distribution will become a little clearer, and we’ll see the power players start to emerge.

Raleigh is Calling

Between the 15th and the 18th of December, Raleigh will play home to one of the biggest Call of Duty events in history. During a single weekend, the Call of Duty League, Call of Duty Challengers, and the CODM World Championship will all play out under the same roof. There are millions of dollars on the line, and it’s going to be a stunning valuable tournament.

At this special edition Major tournament, Challengers teams will mingle with CDL teams once again, giving the lower-tier organisations a chance to win some serious money. For the victor of the Major, there’s a $200,000 prize, and if the team is in the CDL, they’ll pick up 65 CDL points.

It’s going to be a fantastic event.