Let’s Make Moves Miami brings Smash Bros to the beach

Let’s Make Moves, one of the biggest events for Smash Ultimate is expanding this year. The goal is to bring top-level Smash competition to Miami. Organized by Even Matchup Gaming, the main event is going to be Smash Bros tournaments, however, there’s much more on offer at  Let’s Make Moves Miami.

Lets make moves miami

Let’s Make Moves Miami

This is the inaugural event for another Let’s Makes Moves tournament. To take advantage of the location, there’s loads happening at this tournament. It’s taking place in a 10,000 square foot venue, right on the beach. The tournament promises a “full resort experience”, if you have any time on the side of the many brackets taking place.

The main thing happening here are the Let’s Make Moves Miami Smash events. There’s singles, doubles, and squad strike going on for Ultimate. On top of that, there’s a 24-hour venue for friendlies, so the action doesn’t have to stop late night.

Outside of the Smash tournaments, there’s plenty on the side here too. There will be a cosplay contest for Halloween, an Artist’s Alley specifically for the fighting game community, along with special exhibitions. Thew whole tournament even had a discounted hotel rate and other incentives to encourage players and fans to travel a distance to attend it.

Let’s Make Moves Miami is primarily a Smash bros tournament. Although, all the other things featured are helping to make it feel like more of an event that just another Major.

Let’s Make Moves Miami – Ultimate

LMM Miami is going to be a big event for Ultimate. This is a tournament that’s got a slot at the Panda Cup Finale at stake. However, it’s also a Gold tier event for the Smash World Tour. Winners here are going to get a decent payoff for both the major Ultimate Series this year.

Some of the top competitors are going to be competing. There is MKleo, coming off an insane run this year with loads of Major wins. He’s had some health problems in recent weeks that might complicate things for him. However, he’s still on top of the pile for ultimate. There’s also Steve-main acola. Along with these other huge players attending:

  • Kola
  • Dabuz
  • Tweek
  • Omba
  • Aaron
  • Jake
  • Tilde
  • Jakal
  • Omega
  • DDog
  • Sean
  • Myran


Let’s Make Moves Miami is going to kick off on Friday 28. There’s going to be Squads pools to open things up, alongside beach volleyball! Other side events will be taking place all weekend. Squads and Duos will kick off on Friday. Saturday is when Singles start to get going. Pool are held all day Saturday, followed by Crew Battle.

Sunday sees the tournament whittle down to its final bracket. The action starts at 2 PM for the top 64, before gradually getting to the top 8 at 5. There are some huge competitors taking part here, make sure to tune into the stream and see who takes the top spot at Let’s Make Moves Miami.