MKLeo and Onin win Majors at COLOSSEL 2022 and Get on My Level

Smash Bros Ultimate is in the middle of two major circuits right now. Multiple majors took place over the last weekend, with both Get on My Level and COLOSSEL 2022 leading into Panda Global Finals. We had another major win for MKLeo, and once again Steve has proven that he’s an OP character by Onin.

Here’s everything that went down over the past few days.

Colossel 2022 Winners

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MKLeo Takes Another Major at COLOSSEL 2022

While new players taking wins at GOML was impressive, it wasn’t the only Smash tournament over the weekend. MKLeo has been continuing his run of European tournaments with a recent showing at COLOSSEL 2022.

COLOSSEL isn’t part of the Panda Global Circuit, it instead belongs to the Smash World Tour.  There were 1,024 players in total jumping into this tournament. It also featured a decent prize pool for a major, at $10,692.

Quite a few players went with unexpected picks across the tournament as a whole. There was reps for Sonic, Browser, and even a Ridley here. It’s really starting to look like the Ultimate tagline ‘Everyone is Here’ is finally taking over the competitive scene as well as the game.

The bracket itself opened with Maister taking a match off of MKLeo. Playing Game and Watch he managed to secure his place in the Grand Final, and it looked like someone different might be winning this Major.

However, MKLeo did pull things back. He won the loser’s final against Chang, and secured a rematch for the COLOSSEL 2022 finals with Maister. In the end, MKLeo won every set of the Grand Finals. Even after Maister mixed up his character with Sora part way through.

Colossel 2022 Standings Top 16

MKLeo has taken yet another major with this victory. However, over at Get on My Level we’re seeing more and more variety in the highest tiers of Smash Bros. More players are jumping up to the top tier right now. They’re also bringing more and more characters into the spotlight. Things are looking bright and wide open for the rest of the year’s major in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Get on My Level 2022 – Steve Main Takes Ultimate Title

Get on My Level was held over the weekend alongside COLOSSEL 2022, the second round of the Panda Global Circuit. The top competitors secured a spot at the Panda Global Circuit. The tournament itself though definitely stoked the possibility of more new players rising to the top of the game for this circuit. Since Sparg0 left the scene for a while after his spectacular run earlier this year, Majors have had some unexpected results. First, Sonix won while playing Sonic of all characters, and now Get on My Level 2022 has had an unexpected winner too. Both Onin and Big D secured their places at the Panda Global Finals after a climactic final bracket.

Onin managed to win the Ultimate portion of the event, playing Steve. Steve is a controversial character, players like MkLeo openly criticized Steve after e-Cabana, while #BanSteve is frequently a trending topic in the Smash Bros community.

Onin’s performance can’t exactly be called cheap though, the player definitely had the skills to win the event. The 16-year-old player is coming fresh off of his win at Combo Breaker 2022, taking his first major win at Get on My Level. The final for Get on My Level was a surprising game. Steve might be controversial at the moment, but Onin’s opponent had an even stranger pick. Ice Climbers were his main here, who rarely get much representation at major events.

Big D and Onin at Get on My Level

Big D had to play his way through some big names to reach the finals. Playing Ice Climbers, he managed to defeat some major names to get through the finals. In the bracket alone he took out Riddles and Cosmos. Going into the final bracket, Big D definitely had the support of many online thanks to his impressive use of the underutilized mountaineers.

The final got off with Big D taking a set, but things quickly turned around for them.

Onin eventually proved victorious in the finale, winning with Steve and taking his first major. While Big D’s Ice Climbers run probably had more of the audience rooting for the underdog, it’s always great to see a new player taking a major win.

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