MKLeo wins e-Caribana Smash Tournament over quiK

Smash Bros is one of the most active fighting games at the moment, with upcoming tournaments like the Panda Circuit and Gimvitational opening things up. One recent tournament was a bit different though, taking place at a music festival. The e-Caribana Smash Bros tournament is a Swiss event that’s bringing both local and international players to this unique venue.

MkLeo took the trip to claim the trophy after two tough series against Marcel “quiK” Romagnuolo.

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e-Caribana Smash Bros Tournament

The e-Caribana Smash Bros was an invitational event, taking place on June 19th. It has been a long time coming, originally due to be held on June 21st, back in 2020. It’s taken two years for the event to finally take place. The overall music and cultural festival with a lineup featuring acts like Fatboy Slim, Wolfgang, and the Offspring sure made the event memorable.

The Smash Bros event itself went without a hitch, although players found time to complain about the imbalance in playable fighter Steve.

Who was Playing?

The e-Caribana Smash Bros tournament had a lot of different players in attendance. Some of these came from the e-Caribana qualifier. Destany, Tropped, NaetorU, and Ogey are all players who qualified through the earlier e-Caribana Smash Bros event.  Mr. E also qualified through a tournament, and TriM was voted in by fans. A few players in this roster are replacements for Maister and Atelier who dropped out because of health problems too.

The big stars however, were the international Smash players invited like: MkLeo, Chag and Tilde.

e-Caribana Smash Bros goes to MkLeo

There were loads of players in competition but MKLeo and quiK were the two players to watch. MK’s been duelling with Sparg0 for supremacy in Smash Bros this year, although he does seem to have pushed ahead. Glutonny has similarly won a Major against MKLeo this year, but he fell out early to Peli. quiK was the one that pulled out of the bracket ahead of Peli and Chag to make it into the Winners Playoffs Bracket. If Glutonny won out against Peli, we would have potentially seen a MKLeo re-match.

QuiK however pushed heavily through the bracket, and faced MkLeo on two occasions. The Winners Bracket opener was close. He (quiK) was edged out by single round and went on to battle sisqui in the Losers final. Sisqui had his own dream run in the Losers Bracket as he had to go through Lancelor, Raflow, Gluttony, Oryon, Sintro, Chag and Tilde to get into the Losers Final.

In the final, MkLeo was on from after dropping the opening round and won three consecutive rounds to close out of the final.

The e-Caribana Smash Bros tournament was a fun watch. It’s brought Smash Bros action to a unique venue, along with a roster that’s including a good variety of names.