KCorp looks to steal 3rd, LDLC and Vitality under fire – LFL Spring Week 5

The LFL resumes during the middle of this week with two rounds of fixtures. Each team has played eight games, and narratives are starting to form. Here is a breakdown of Thursday’s games from the LFL as it picks up speed towards the playoffs.

We have three matches that have “must watch” status in a single day.

LFL 2022

LDLC OL vs Mirage Elyandra

LDLC OL are currently at the top of the LFL standings with six wins in eight matches. They are, however, coming into this week on the back of a loss in their previous match last week. They will face middling Mirage Elyandra, who are currently sitting at joint fifth in the standings with a 4-4 record, on Thursday.

LDLC OL to win outright is x1.40 on Betway. However, this match is far closer than these odds indicate. Odds of x2.75 for Mirage Elyandra are not too bad, not by any means, especially for a quicker format like this, where one lost team fight or a stolen baron could be the difference between a comfortable win and a turnaround result.

Karmine Corp vs Misfits Premier

Another standout fixture from Thursday’s games is Karmine Corp facing Misfits Premier. Just like Lionel Messi’s inclusion in PSG, even the LFL has gained a bit of reputation as a top-tier LoL European league after Karmine Corp brought in Rekkles to bolster their squad.

Rekkles has been on fire for his new team, with returns of 5.25 kills, 1.5 deaths and 4.75 assists per map at a KDA of 6.67 with a creep score of 345 and a CSPM of 10. He has been aided in the top lane by Cabochard, who has managed 2.63 kills, 2.5 deaths and 5.25 assists per map at a KDA of 3.15.

On Betway, you have LoL odds of x1.50 for Karmine Corp to beat Misfits Premier. Both teams are currently right in the middle of the table with 4-4 season records. Given that Misfits Premier don’t have a roster that is comparable, player for player, particularly in the bottom lane, it makes prudent sense to back Karmine Corp to win this match.

Solary vs Vitality.Bee

Solary will face Vitality.Bee in a top-half clash. Both teams have won more than they have lost. Both teams have a 5-3 record. Both teams have enough depth and offensive firepower to sustain their excellence in Summoner’s Rift. It will be interesting to see how this one pans out considering Solary have been assigned compelling odds of 2.30. There aren’t too many factors that separate these two teams.

Solary have been sensational in the lanes. In fact, their mid and bot lane have both been impenetrable. In the bot lane, Asza has produced returns of 5.63 kills, 2 deaths and 5.88 assists per map at a KDA of 5.75 and a creep score of 312.75. In the mid lane, Scarlet has been in stellar form, with returns of 5.13 kills, 2 deaths and 6.38 assists per map at a KDA of 5.75. These two will be hard to dislodge for Vitality Bee.

The propensity for upsets in a best of one is much higher than a longer match simply because of how few factors have to go right. Over a shorter duration, luck has a much higher chance of influencing the result over skill as opposed to a longer match. As a result, I’d be backing Solary to win this one.