LoL Playoffs around the World

The League of Legends Spring season has been pushed back in some regions, especially Korea and China in particular. The LEC and LCS Playoffs Finals will commence on the same dates despite the short disruptions to their regular season. Some leagues around the world are at different paces, we have condensed information to give a short snapshot of the League of Legends ecosystem around the world.

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Spring Split

LoL Playoffs around the World

LEC & LCS (April 19)

The LEC 2020 Spring Playoff finals is set to be played on the 19th of April. Fnatic has dominated the winner’s bracket, taking down Origen and MAD Lions, 3-1 and 3-0 respectively. They will be up against either the MAD Lions or G2 Esports. MAD and G2 will battle it out the day prior to the finals in the loser’s bracket semis. The finals will definitely one to watch, especially if G2 advance through. It will be a final between the two most trophied organizations in European League of Legends.

The finals for the LCS will be hosted almost alongside the LEC, also scheduled on the 19th of April. Almost undefeated in the NA LCS Spring regular season, going 17-1, it is no surprise Cloud 9 has advanced to the finals of the Spring Playoffs. Currently, Evil Geniuses and Fly Quest are still in contention, with the semi-finals losers bracket match set to take place on April 18th. However, it is likely Cloud 9 will continue to dominate considering their strong performance throughout the spring split and ability to completely overwhelm 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses earlier in the playoffs.

LCK (April 25)

Playoffs for Korea has yet to start, with the Spring Split regular season only having finished on the 16th of April. Damwon Gaming and KT Rolster will battle it out in the first round, with the winner advancing. However, their opponent is yet to be decided as the remaining teams in the 2020 LCK Spring Playoffs; T1, DragonX and Gen.G had all tied for first place in the regular season. While slightly delayed due to the Corona Virus situation in Korea, the finals has been scheduled to be played on April 25th.


Considering China has been the hardest hit region, the LPL was delayed a fair amount. The 2020 LPL Spring Playoff finals will likely be the last ones held compared to the other leagues. There is still a week left on the Spring split regular season however. We can expect the following teams to make it through to playoffs; Invictus Gaming, eStar and FunPlus Phoenix. Invitus Gaming remain the strongest team in the LPL with a strong 11-2 standing on the ladder.


The Playoffs Finals tri-week period starts in Vietnam where the VCS season is heavily dominated once again by the GAM Esports. They meet Team Flash on April 18th in the first Regional Final on the calendar.

Legacy Esports dominated the OPL playoffs and now await an opponent in the Finals on April 24th. The contenders include Chiefs, ORDER and DireWolves who are still in the Losers Bracket fighting their way to through the bracket.

The Russian LCL was dominated by the Unicorns of Love and RoX this spring. Both squads tied for first with an identical 13 and 1 record only sharing a defeat with each-other. The Playoffs are set for the Orthodox Easter weekend on April 18-19, and the Final on April 26th.

The PCS, LJL, TCL and CBLOL have their finals set for the begging of May. We will cover those regions at a later date.

Stay in tune for more detailed match predictions as the dates for these finals matches approaches in the coming week / weeks.

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