LoL Wildcard Regions are becoming a real threat this Worlds season

With all attentiontypically focused on the big four LoL regions (LCS, LEC, LPL & LCK), the importance of the smaller regions is oftentimes overlooked when searching for LoL betting opportunities.

It is especially important so ahead of 2021 League of Legends World Championships to have deep understanding on how the minor regions are performing. Knowledge of the top performing wildcard regions can be highly lucrative given such teams are underestimated in Worlds, leading to high odds. This presents great value betting opportunities for well-informed punters.

We already looked at the LCO in our previous article. Now it’s time to look at three more regions as they are soon entering Playoffs.

Lol Wildcard

PCS: PSG Talon remain dominant

The 2021 PCS Summer Season is currently being completely dominated by PSG Talon. They are one of the few teams from a minor region who advanced to the group stage of the 2020 World Championship. While failing to make it to the quarterfinals, the team had been in close contention, ending their Worlds run in 9th-12th place. This places them alongside big names like Team Liquid and LGD, and even above Team SoloMid.

Heading into 2021, PSG Talon had kept their full starting line-up, making it no surprise the team have once again secured first in the Spring Regular Season and Playoffs. Only a single defeat from the perfect run in Spring, PSG Talon are poised to have their best season yet, currently undefeated in the Summer Regular Season.

Hopefully, they enter Worlds with a full lineup and finally give the PCS it’s due.

PSG Talon Roster

TCL: Wildcats fall from grace, Galatasaray rises

The TCL is having a highly competitive split. Three primary teams in contention for first place, and plenty of excitement this season . Formerly, Istanbul Wildcats had finished 2nd in the 2021 TCL Winter season, but have recently fallen from grace, currently sitting in the bottom half of the competition for Summer.

Taking their place, Galatasaray Esports have not only newly advanced to a top three team, but are currently the favourites for the Summer season. Galatasaray had finished 4th in the Winter Regular Season, and were kicked out in the semifinals of Playoffs. Only a short distance from the top, the team signed two other players, making additions to the top and bottom lane. While this move brought added pressure to existing starting members, it also allowed for new team play dynamics which pushed them to the top.

Another team worth looking at is Galakticos. After a very poor showing in Winter, they also replaced two players and skyrocketed in the standings into second. They are in hard contention with Galatasaray and NASR eSports for the top spot.

Galatasaray TCL

CBLOL: Same old trio

CBLOL is another highly competitive minor region. The same top five teams seen in Split 1 nearly guaranteed to enter playoffs. These include the likes of: paiN Gaming, Flamengo Esports, Vorax Liberty, LOUD and RED Canids. Rankings amongst the top to high mid-tier teams have slightly changed comparing the Split 1 and 2 Season, however, only the Split 2 Playoffs will truly determine the region’s top team.

Particular attention should be focused on Rensga Esports, a new team that placed last in the Split 1 Season, but have rapidly improved to even contend with some top tier teams. Rensga Esports had dropped their entire roster in May, opting to bring a new lineup of players, including two talented imports from Korea. Rensga have a strong chance to enter playoffs, and potentially contend for the top spot as the team continues to develop week by week.

The gatekeepers at the top is the same old trio of paiN, Flamengo and Vorax. It’s almost a guarantee at this point that one of these three teams will be the champion.

paiN Gaming CBLOL

All three regions have strong teams this split. Worlds 2021 will definitely be interesting for the “wildcard” teams.