Best Gangplank counters in LoL

Are you having trouble finding the best Gangplank counters in LoL? Here are the best champions to beat the top laner from Bilgewater.

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The Best Gangplank counters you can play in LoL

Rengar – Make the lane unplayable for Gangplank

While Rengar is not usually seen in the top lane, he’s actually the best champion to beat Gangplank. Being a weak early game champion, Rengar can abuse the pirate by jumping out of bushes. Any time Gangplank tries to step forward to farm or harass, there will be a chance to punish him.

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Over the course of the laning phase, Gangplank will either be heavily down in CS, or he will have a couple of kills of disadvantage. Regardless of what Gangplank tries to do in the game, Rengar will be ready to hunt him down.

Lee Sin – Unconventional top laner

Lee Sin has been popping up more in the top lane, after receiving the buffs in the latest Patch 13.3. Despite being a niche pick, the Blind Monk is one of the best counters into Gangplank.

Lee Sin outtrades Gangplank throughout the laning phase, and he has enough mobility to go on him whenever he wants… and there’s little Gangplank can do about it. That said, if Lee Sin doesn’t get ahead, he will have trouble facing Gangplank later… so it’s imperative to get ahead in this matchup.

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Tahm Kench – One of the Gangplank counters that absorbs pressure

Gangplank always struggles against atypical champions and Tahm Kench is one of the strangest champions to play in the top lane. Nevertheless, he does a great job at absorbing pressure against Gangplank: Tahm has great sustain with his Q and E, making it impossible for the enemy to go for a kill.

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On top of that, Tahm Kench will scale and become too tanky for Gangplank to kill him. Thanks to the bonus passive damage gained by building health, the River King will never lose duels.

Kled – Best dueling option

If you enjoy dueling and mechanical outplays, Kled is one of the strongest counters to Gangplank you can think of. Thanks to his passive and Skaarl, Kled will likely win most of the trades and skirmishes during the laning phase.

He can stay on top of Gangplank most of the time and despite the Cannon Barrage (GP’s R), Kled can just stick to him with the ultimate. Until the extremely late game, where both champions are at full build, Gangplank can never beat Kled.

Sion – Let’s play scaling

Sion isn’t necessarily a lane counter to Gangplank, given that Sion is quite immobile and doesn’t have any particular tool to jump on him before level six. Nonetheless, Sion can freely farm his minions without worrying about dying, allowing him to build health and scale into the later stage of the game.

Once you’ve become a beefy tank, all you have to do is dodge some of the barrels and chase him with your ultimate. You will be too tanky for Gangplank to do anything against you.

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Gragas – One-shot machine

Not only does Gragas bring lots of value with its crowd control and ultimate, but he can also punish Gangplank in the early phase of the game. His cask is a great way to harass Gangplank within the laning phase, and Gragas wins most of the short trades with its E-W-Q combo.

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When Gragas unlocks the ultimate, he can use it to bring Gangplank towards him and one-shot him with the combo. Always build full AP in this matchup, so you can capitalize on Gangplank’s squishiness.

Irelia – Effective but also difficult to play

Irelia loves playing against weak and squishy early game champions, so it’s not a surprise to see her being one of the most effective Gangplank counters. She can quickly dash onto him with her Q and win the trades thanks to her passive. As long as Gangplank doesn’t slow her with the barrels, he cannot get away.

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Having said that, Irelia is also squishy and susceptible to Gangplank’s Q harass. It’s important to be mechanically proficient at the champion in order for this matchup to work. Otherwise, it can become a disastrous outcome.

Olaf – The last of Gangplank counters

To round off the list of Gangplank counters, we cannot forget about Olaf. The Berserker wins against the Bilgewater champion at all times thanks to the lifesteal and attack speed.

f Gangplank isn’t sitting near his turret, Olaf can just chase him down with Undertow (Q) and his ultimate, or Ghost. As long as it’s not a tower dive, Olaf will always come out on top. The only thing Gangplank can do in this matchup is farm up and avoid getting punished, hoping that he can be useful with its Cannon Barrage in teamfights.

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