Best Scaling Champions in LoL – Draft to Scale Fast in Game

Scaling is one of the most important aspects of LoL, so let’s go over the 5 best scaling champions to secure unparalleled late-game power.

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The 5 Best Scaling Champions in LoL

Each LoL champion scales different points in the game, as they spike at specific levels or when completing a certain amount of items. This brings great diversity and complexity to the game, but it can also be confusing for newer players looking to learn LoL.

While we explained what scaling is in better detail, here are what we think are the best scaling champions in the game currently. If you enjoy playing conservatively and become a 1v9 machine in the later stages of the game, you should definitely consider playing these champions to increase your chances of victory.

1. Kayle

This is probably not a surprise for those who are familiar with the top lane role. Kayle is not only one of the best scaling champions in LoL but she also has the power to peel herself or one ally with her own ultimate, making her own team almost unbeatable in the teamfights.

Kayle scaling champions LoL

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Thanks to her various forms, Kayle becomes more and more powerful as she gains levels and items. Once she gets to level 16, she will deal AoE ranged damage at impressive attack speeds, so unless you’re able to somehow burst her down with crowd controls, it will be impossible to defeat her. That being said, her late-game power is inversely proportionate to her laning phase, which can be easily punished. If you are trying to learn the champion, here are important tips to quickly pick up the champion:

  • Kayle gets her ranged auto attack range at level six, so it’s vital to get it as soon as possible so you can farm from a distance. Even if you lose some farm, it’s alright as long as you’re able to get the experience.
  • Don’t trade at all early on, most top laners will destroy you in 1v1.
  • Good enemies will look to slowly stack minion waves and dive you when it crashes into your turret to kill you and deny the experience. Try to thin out the wave as much as possible and ward your surrounding areas to know whether the enemy jungler will come as well.
  • Getting through the first levels is one of the key steps to increase Kayle’s chances of victory.
  • Don’t join fights unless strictly necessary and focus on staying on the side lanes to get experience and gold. The earlier you reach level 16, the easier it will be for you to carry the game.
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2. Kassadin

Kassadin is basically the Kayle of the mid lane: even though he doesn’t get evolutions or special forms upon reaching certain levels, his power spike coincides with his level 16.

This is when Kassadin unlocks the third level of his ultimate, greatly increasing his damage and lowering his cooldown to just 2 seconds. In other words, the champion will be able to quickly dash and deal AoE damage to multiple targets. And thanks to the items he will have when hitting those levels, Kassadin will be an unstoppable force.

kassadin lol

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His early game, however, is equally abysmal to Kayle’s: he’s a melee AP champion, meaning that he will struggle against ranged champions and AD assassins, who will have more damage than him during (at least) the first 20 minutes of the game.

On top of that, you will also lose most of the lane priority, which might mean you’ll have to give up early objectives. Don’t blind pick him if possible, unless you know how to properly play around his weaknesses:

  • Kassadin wants to get at least three items and level 16 before starting to deal a good amount of damage. With that in mind, try to farm gold as much as possible, especially during the mid game. Stay on the side lane and slowly push the minion waves since you don’t want to overextend too much.
  • In the early laning phase, Kassadin has little to no damage. Try to use the shield coming from his Q to negate incoming magic damage, and quickly clear minion waves when they get close to the turret.
  • Only trade with the enemy if you’re looking to crash a wave or if you have teleport ready to quickly get back to lane. Otherwise, you will end up putting yourself in danger.

3. Kog’Maw

Most ADC champions in the game have great scaling because that’s how they are purposefully designed. They are responsible for the teamfight’s damage output and they gain power the more items they are able to get access to.

That being said, there is still a differentiation in scaling power among marksmen, and one of the best scaling ADC champions in LoL is none other than Kog’Maw. This is because the champion can single-handedly win teamfights when reaching his power spikes, and the increased auto attack range from his W will make him untouchable.

Moreover, Kog’Maw is one of the few ADCs with hybrid damage, meaning it will be even harder to itemize against. Regardless of what you do, he will shred you in a matter of seconds (or maybe even less than that).

kog maw lol

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Luckily for those who play against him, there is a way to take him down, and that is punishing him early on, denying gold and farm. He’s immobile and squishy, so you can kill him over and over again to build a big enough snowball to end the game quickly. If you want to play him, though, try to keep these tips in mind:

  • Kog’Maw is susceptible to ganks and ambushes, so don’t walk alone into the fog of war.
  • Always try to have an ally close to you in case you need cover and peeling.
  • The goal is to at least hit two items to start dealing a decent amount of damage. Keep that in mind for your allies as well.
  • Don’t walk up in skirmishes and look to kite back. Chase only once the enemies have used their key abilities.
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4. Veigar

Veigar is one of those control mages players who would enjoy piloting but hate when facing it. This is because the champion technically has infinite scaling thanks to his passive, making him deal increasing damage the more he farms and the longer the game lasts. To put it simply, he’s one of the best scaling mid lane champions in LoL.

veigar lol

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If he’s not heavily countered early on, Veigar can blow up targets with just one or two abilities, and if those aren’t enough, he will guarantee the kill with his ultimate. Not to mention that he has an AoE stun with the cage, which he can place to disrupt engage attempts.

And another great thing going on for Veigar is his laning phase, which isn’t that atrocious. He can still farm safely with the range coming from his Q and W, quickly clearing minion waves.

Tips and Tricks for Veigar:

  • Always farm minions with your Q to quickly stack the passive. Ideally, you want to last hit and poke your lane opponent with it.
  • Use Your E to discourage the enemy jungler from ganking you.
  • Remember to spend most of your time farming and getting stacks. It’s all about time efficiency and maximizing each play or decision.
  • Don’t position too offensively in teamfights. You want the enemies to jump on you, then trap them with the cage and burst them down.

5. Sion

Even though Sion doesn’t scale that much in terms of damage output, he’s the perfect incarnation of what a front-line tank should be: a low-mobility, highly resistant champion with crowd controls. And thanks to the passive from his W, as well as the active effect from the item Heartsteel, he can infinitely stack permanent health, making him harder and harder to take down.

sion lol scaling

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Not to mention that the health transitions over to his passive, which means he will be able to continue fighting longer the tankier he gets. And unlike other champions, he can’t really be punished as much, considering he can quickly clear all minions with a Q-W combo. You can check out our full guide to know the ins and out of the champion, as well as some important tips to make the most out of the pick:

  • Sion has a relatively easy-to-predict kit so always try to simplify your plays and don’t look for mechanical outplays.
  • Clear waves with her Q. Additionally, you can fix the waves by using the E and knocking some of them away from the turret.
  • Build resistances early on to survive the laning phase. Keep in mind you are not playing to get early kills but for the health stacks.
  • Use your ultimate to quickly get back to the lane if you don’t have teleport. By doing so, you will be able to pick up more minion farm.
  • Go to the side lane to split push in the mid-to-late game and use Sion’s tankiness to consistently put pressure on the map.
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