Big week for Origen, Vitality and Schalke04 in the LEC

Week 7 finally confirmed the first three playoffs participants. G2 is safely ahead in the standings and will probably remain the top team in Summer. Fnatic and Splyce will probably decide the 2nd place in the LEC in their head-to-head in Week 9. Vitality beat G2 and ended on 2W0L record in W7 and is now in a strong position to secure playoffs.

Week 8 in the LEC will determine if the playoffs race is over. Both Schalke04 and Vitality have a chance to secure playoffs spots and knock SK Gaming and Misfits out of Playoffs contention. Origen on the other hand must secure at least 1 Win this week to still remain in contention for playoffs.


FRI 21:00 Origen vs Splyce
SAT 20:00 Origen vs ExceL

Last Saturday OG was forced to watch their Nexus explode to an xPeke backdoor and end the week on a 1W1L record. This week the team is not allowed any mistakes in their matches or they might end up without a playoffs spot.

To be fair, Origen would still be in playoffs contention if they drop the game versus Splyce tonight. They would still have to beat ExceL and hope Rogue has a bad week in order to stay ahead. If they drop both matches, Rogue will be in a position to force a tiebreaker and even get ahead in the head2head next week.


FRI 18:00 Schalke04 vs Misfits
SAT 19:00 Schalke04 vs Rogue

We just mentioned the backdoor Schalke’s Upset served OG last week. With that win S04 went up to 8W6L in the LEC and are 1 Win behind on Playoffs.  The last week of the LEC will have tough opponents for the squad (G2, Vitality). It would be ideal if they secure their playoffs spot this week against either Misfits or Rogue.

Schalke04 at LEC 2019

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Knowing the bad form of Misfits who have now face planted to the bottom of the standings, the playoffs strategizing should be starting tonight for Schalke. If by some miracle option A fails, they can still pull out a double whammy and secure their playoffs spot versus Rogue and pretty much knock Rogue out of Playoffs in a single game.


FRI 19:00 Vitality vs SK Gaming
SAT 22:00 Vitality vs Fnatic

We have written so much about Vitality this split. The team has gone from great to horrible to great again in the last few months. Coach Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi must be losing his mind weekly with a team that performs pretty much dependent on which foot they landed on out of bed that day. Last week G2 decided to pick Garen into the composition and promptly lost the game against Vitality. But It wasn’t the toplane that caused G2’s lost.

Team Vitality at LEC 2019

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It was the absolute dominance of Atilla and Jactroll in the bottom lane that gave Vitality their most important W of the split. This week they can allow themselves to go 1W1L or even 0W2L and still be comfortable at making Playoffs. The game against SK Gaming is the easiest one they will get until the end of the split, so it would be “nice” if they can get the win tonight and sleep easy until Playoffs.

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Week 8 should confirm at least one team that makes it either in or out of playoffs. If I were to guess, we should see OG, Vitality and Schalke04 secure their playoffs spots at the end of this week, thus ending the playoffs race before the split is done.

The action in the LEC starts Friday 9th of August 17:30 CEST at

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