LEC Week 4: The week of season flops

After a dominating showcase by EU at Rift Rivals and a much needed respite, the LEC returns this weekend with ten matches that will define the split for half of the franchised teams.

It has been three weeks since the last time EU teams met on the Rift. While Origen, Fnatic and G2 were off defending EU’s claim to the western throne, the rest of the league was quietly preparing for the second part of the split and a shot at playoffs and potentially Worlds.

Yes, we are in the second part of 2019 and this means everyone’s mind slowly lingers towards playoffs and Worlds 2019. Especially since Europe is this year’s host and the AccorHotels Arena in Paris is the Worlds 2019 venue. Everyone knows how mental the French crowd goes when League of Legends is played and every team would want them at their side if they make it to Worlds.

But, it’s a long and rocky road ahead. For some more than others.

We kick things off with team Vitality. Back In Week 2 we hinted at a possible disaster for Vitality in Summer, and sadly it seems that we were correct. The team is 2W4L coming into Week 4 and their opponents are not getting easier in the following weeks. Later today they meet the undefeated Fnatic, while tomorrow they meet Misfits. If they don’t achieve at least a split 1W1L week, the Summer Split and any hope of Worlds might die this weekend.

The next team on our “flame” list is Origen. Now OG had the tough start of the split compared to other teams. G2 in Week 1 and Fnatic in Week 2, don’t give you much time to adapt to the meta and ease yourself into the split. The losses to the favorites put them right smack in the middle of the standings with a 3W3L score line, and atleast an “easier” schedule for the upcoming weeks. But OG must deliver on Week 4 versus last place ExceL and bottom dweller Rogue if they want to cement themselves as a contender for the Split. Anything less would be a disappointment to the legions of Origen loyals.

Speaking of bottom dwellers, Misfits are there in standings hell next to Vitality. We did mention already this two meet on Saturday, but MSF has to meet G2 first. In fact, Vitality and Misfits are so different stylistically yet so similar when it comes to performance. Both teams were overhyped as real contenders in the LEC, both teams failed to meet those expectations so far and both of them are meeting the best teams in the league before meeting each other. If there is a best time for Misfits to get going, it is probably Week 4.

We close off this week’s expectations roundup with team Splyce. The squad sits at a solid 3rd place in the standings with a 4W2L score. They managed to beat their Spring Split rivals Vitality and Origen in the first few weeks and are now looking to secure a better position for the rematch phase. SK-Gaming and Fnatic are the opponents this week and a 1W1L week will be enough to secure Splyce 3rd place for at least two more weeks.

The fate of the Summer Split flops will be decided starting at 18:00 CEST at https://www.twitch.tv/riotgames

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