Bjergsen resigns and becomes part owner of Team SoloMid

After weeks of speculation surrounding the end of Bjergsen’s contract with Team SoloMid, the team has finally revealed Bjergsen will be renewing his contract. The past week especially had been filled with speculation about Bjergsen that would finally be departing the team, considering he remains one of the most sought players in the world.

That said, having been the star player of Team SoloMid for almost an entire six years, Bjergsen is a core member, and has become synonymous with TSM. To no surprise, the team has spared no expense in keeping Bjergsen in the team.

Bjergsen resigns and becomes part owner of Team SoloMid

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According to the Washington Post, details of the contract include a two-year term and part ownership in the team. This means Bjergsen has been provided shares to the team as part of his contract, effectively binding him not only for the coming two years but for the foreseeable future.

Given his new co-ownership in the team, due to conflicts of interest, Bjergsen would be restricted from joining other organizations. Currently, Riot’s policy states general managers, coaches and owners of teams may not belong to a team’s full roster. However, Chris Greeley, the commissioner for the LCS, states this policy would be changing heading into 2020.

That said, only players who have been playing for more than three consecutive years with a team may be eligible for an ownership plan in a team. Note, these ownership changes continue to be subject to Riot’s approval.

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