How many Champions are in League of Legends

If you play video games, you’ve probably heard of League of Legends. It’s one of the most popular games in the world, played by more than 100 million players every month. Developed by Riot Games, the game is constantly updated to make the game always refreshing.

Ever since the first alpha test back in 2009, Riot has been designing and releasing new characters to the game, more commonly known as champions. Every champion has its known distinctive kit and playstyle, depending on the “theme” or the role it’s played in.

In recent years, Riot has also pushed its efforts in making reworks, giving new life to champions that aren’t as popular or have obsolete kits. After releasing many champions throughout the years, the developers are slowing down their schedule, with 4 and 5 champions releases in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

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How many Champions are there in League of Legends?

There are currently 163 unique champions in League of Legends. The latest addition is Milio, the Gentle Flame, which hit the live servers in Patch 13.6. Milio is the first enchanter support of 2023, with the ability to boost the allies’ attack range and increase their damage with his own abilities.

Milio is the first champion released in 2023, but there will be more coming in the future, alongside the planned Skarner VGU. In 2022, the champions released were Zeri, Renata Glasc, Bel’Veth, Nilah, and K’Sante, as well as a VGU (Visual and Gameplay Update) for Udyr.

How many champions were part of the Alpha Stage?

The alpha stage, which started in the first few months of 2009, was the phase before the Beta stage. It had a total of 17 champions released.

How many champions were released in the Beta Stage?

23 more champions were added to the game during the Beta Stage (both closed and open betas), making it to a total of 40 champions in the League roster. This was the number of characters available when Riot officially launched the game on October 27th, 2009.

In which year did Riot release the most champions?

The biggest number of characters released in a year was in 2011, with a total of 26 champions. The second-highest was the following year, with 24 unique champions released in 2012.

League of Legends Champions

How Many Champions are in Each Class of LoL? 

League of Legends champions can be divided into six main categories or LoL roles:

  1. Bruisers (70)
  2. Assassins (41)
  3. Mages (62)
  4. Marksmen (30)
  5. Tanks (45)
  6. Support (36)

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How many Bruisers there are in League of Legends?

Also known as fighters, these characters offer the best combination of damage and survivability. There are a total of 70 brawlers champions in LoL.

How many Assassins there are in League of Legends?

With a total of 41 champions in this category, assassins are special units that have the main goal of killing the enemy’s strongest carry or threat. For example, a champion like Qiyana wants to get in the back line and burst down one target.

How many Mages are there in League of Legends?

There are a total of 62 Mage Champions in LoL, considering both controllers and damage-dealing mages. Instead of relying on their auto attacks, mages maximize their damage with the usage of their abilities and spells.

How many Marksmen are there in League of Legends?

Marksmen are typically the carries of team compositions in League. They are units that have massive damage potential and deal damage from a distance. That said, they are very squishy and easy to take down. Currently, the champions that belong to this class are 30.

How many Tanks are there in League of Legends?

Tanks not only are champions with lots of health and defensive stats, but they also offer great crowd-controlling abilities that can be used to protect your allies from enemies or to pin down an enemy carry. With the recent addition of K’Sante, there are a total of 45 tank champions in League.

How many supports are there in League of Legends?

Supports are those champions that want to empower their allies by proving healing and shielding, or grant them extra damage. They are usually squishy but have powerful tools to protect themselves and their own team. Now that Milio is added to the League roster, there are a total of 36 support champions in League.

It’s worth mentioning that most champions belong to more than one class. Milio, for example, is considered a mage and a support as well. 

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