LS dream is complete – Annie and the first-ever mid pick

After the recent buffs to the champion, Annie makes its first competitive mid lane appereance in the LCK, making the LS dream come true.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Korean player picks the first-ever Annie mid

Annie has never been a popular champion in the competitive space. Her short-range and lack of mobility isn’t suited to the meta of professional play. That said, after the recent patch 13.3 buffs, she has been performing exceptionally well in solo queue, to the point where she also started appearing in pro play as a support.

In the series between Kwangdong Freecs and Gen.G, though, LCK fans and LS were able to see mid lane Annie. Picked by KDF’s mid laner BuLLDoG, he blind picked it on blue side in Game 1. Unfortunately, Gen.G counter picked the Annie with Viktor. Despite killing Viktor two times within the early laning phase, Gen.G was still able to take down KDF is less than 30 minutes with winning sidelanes.

While the first mid lane Annie wasn’t successful, it’s likely we’re going to see her picked again in the near future.

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LS and the reasons behind his love for mid lane Annie

The famous League streamer and content creator has always been a great supporter of the mid lane mage. Ever since he started his streaming educative content about the game, LS was a great Annie advocate to learn the mid lane role.

According to him, the friendly playstyle and straightforward abilties made the learning process much easier for new players. For example, she can easily farm minions thanks to the cooldown and mana refund on Q.  Her trading patterns are also fairly easy to understand. By having a low requirement of microplay and mechanics, playing Annie would allow players focus on the fundamental aspects of League.

Of course, League pros don’t have these issues as they have played the games for years, but seeing more diversity and innovation is always welcomed. Given the recent negative feedback on the lack of major meta shifts, Annie’s appereance in pro play will definitely make the games more exciting to watch for fans.

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