Top 10 most hated Champions in League of Legends

Ever wondered which are the most hated champions in League of Legends? Here are our top 10 on how to create frustrating gaming experiences.

most hated champions in league of legends

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The most hated champions in League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) boasts one of the most complex and most diversified gameplay in the world. But even though it’s a joy to play, it can also be as frustrating on certain occasions. Some champions have the ability to bring a lot of frustration and have built themselves a bad reputation because of their kit or the stereotype behind those players. In this list, we’ll explore the 10 most hated champions in League of Legends, and explain why they are so detested in the game.

Yasuo – The inting strategy

While most champions are frustrating to play against, Yasuo is the type of champion you don’t want to have on your team. This is because most that play this champion only have two modes: they are either godlike or they hard int the entire game. And the latter happens more often than the former.

Image Credits | Riot Games

You always hear of the Yasuo “0/10 power spike” and it’s not by chance: the champion struggles a lot when behind and it can be a hindrance for the rest of the team. So it’s just better to avoid the champion entirely than gambling on something that can go terribly bad.

Yuumi – Sit down and relax

Yuumi’s existence in League of Legends brought a lot of controversy. For most, she is disliked due to her passive playstyle and her ability to win the games without doing much aside from pressing a few buttons once the abilities are on cooldown. Not to mention she can just attach to her teammates and become untargetable. If even pros want her to be deleted from the game, then she is truly one of the most hated champions in League of Legends.

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Teemo – The devil himself

Get ready to shed tears of frustration, top laners. It can’t be a “most hated League of Legends” list without adding Teemo into the mix. Whether it’s his ability to blind opponents, his poisons and mushrooms, he’ll make all the enemy top laners’ life miserable. Playing against it, especially without proper laning fundamentals, can be extremely tilting. I also was among you guys, and that’s why I stopped playing top lane (not completely true, but there’s still some truth to it): I feel you, stay strong.

Kayn – The “you can’t play the game” champion

If you play lots of ranked games, you probably know why Kayn is on this list. As soon as the champion gets the Blue form, he can run around the map killing people left and right. And he’s basically untouchable since he’ll use the Umbral Trespass to get out of danger. Whenever he gets fed, get ready for a traumatizing gameplay where you’ll have to hug the turrets or wait to be annihilated without even having chances to fight back.

Image Credits | Riot Games

K’Sante – Everything into one champion

Remember that Showmaker copypasta?

This is K’Sante, a champion with 4,700 HP, 329 Armor, and 201 MR, has Unstoppable, a Shield, and goes over walls. Has Airborne, and the cooldown is only 1 second too. It costs 15 Mana. The W CD is even refreshed when he transforms. He has true damage on his passive. Then, when he stacks Armor and MR, he gets Ability Haste too, Ability Haste to his Q, and his spell casting speeds up. Then, he has an AD ratio, so his W…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

It probably gives you a clear idea of why most people dislike K’Sante as a champion. He basically can do everything and it’s unkillable in the process. He’s incredibly hard to master but a great K’Sante player will make your game miserable. And wait until he gets close to full build: have fun trying to kill him.

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Shaco – Fooling around

Shaco is the nightmare of most jungle players: he’s insanely slippery and he excels at messing with you while you’re busy farming your own jungle camps. And if that wasn’t enough, he can just disappear in a blink of an eye with his Q.

Great Shaco players do not allow you to do anything on the map and he’ll always be ready to mess up with the laners as well, hard-camping them and kill them as soon as they walk up to farm or trade.

Heimerdinger – Eat my shots

Heimerdinger is basically the mid lane version of Teemo: you will never be able to walk up and kill him due to the amount of turrets and damage you’ll take in the process. Additionally, he’ll always pressure you during the laning phase without giving you a chance to fight back. And even if you somehow manage to jump on his face, get ready to be blasted by his mega cannon, bomb, and rockets.

Image Credits: Riot Games

Zed – The Unseen blade is the deadliest

Just like Yasuo, Zed is the other mid lane champion that you don’t want to have on your own team. Why? Because he’ll probably try to make flashy outplays that do not work. But what’s even worse is that whenever you play against Zed, then you will feel like you’re playing against Faker in 1v9 mode. A mobile assassin with a clear escape and multiple dashes? Who would’ve guessed it’s incredibly frustrating to play against?

Master Yi – Wuju style is too powerful

Master Yi is considered the most “braindead” champion. Most of his damage comes from his crazy attack speed and auto attacks while also having the ability to dodge abilities and become untargetable with his Alpha Strike. He’s extremely frustrating to play against in games where the enemies cannot punish him. And most people believe the champion is easy to play, thus the frustration and the hate behind the pick.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Fiora – 1v1? Try me.

Fiora is the bruiser version of Master Yi: less DPS but she compensates with more tankiness and overall mobility. Fiora has a dash on low cooldowns while potentially dealing true damage and healing up in the process. She is the tanks’ biggest nightmare and a truly unstoppable force when she’s on a roll.

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