League of Legends NA LCS match predictions for Week 7, Day 1

Team Liquid vs. 100 Thieves – Game 1

Liquid and the 100 Thieves are currently neck and neck, the two tied for first place in the NA LCS Summer regular split. The winner will most likely remain the top team by the end of the week and almost ensuring a top three finish in the Summer split. The Thieves tend to under-perform when facing pressure even against teams someone of their standing should easily defeat. Liquid is much more consistent, displaying their ability to easily dominate the mid-tier teams.

Prediction: Team Liquid 55% | 100 Thieves 45%

Cloud9 vs. Clutch Gaming – Game 2

Cloud9 has improved greatly in comparison to their performance at the start of the split, with their extremely slow start. C9 has defeated three out of their past four opponents, their only loss being towards OpTic who have been unexpectedly strong this split.

Cloud 9 Predictions

Clutch Gaming on the other hand are heading into week 7 with a four loss streak, likely going into the week in a poor tilted form. Taking into account C9’s rising performance and Clutch Gaming’s decline, C9 are widely favoured.

Prediction: Cloud9 67% | 33%

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Echo Fox – Game 3

While Echo Fox are unable to defeat the top teams and sometimes tend to drop the ball against teams around their standing, they have cemented their position as a strong force. They are repeatedly able to defeat mid-tier teams, a group that CLG now belongs too considering they recent performance. Echo Fox should be able to take down Counter Logic Gaming and advance to week 8 as a prime contender for a top three finish.

Prediction: Counter Logic Gaming 30% | Echo Fox 70%

OpTic Gaming vs. FlyQuest – Game 4

The battle between OpTic and FlyQuest can go both ways and will definitely be close. Given OpTic’s recent turnaround this split, coming out as one of the better teams from their ninth place finish in the NA LCS Spring split, they have a good shot at taking down FQ.

OPT Vs Flyquest

That said, FlyQuest has also improved massively, currently 7-5 as one of the top teams, compared to their disappointing eight place finish less than half a year ago. History has shown the two teams being unpredictable, trading wins back and forth, and placing around each other with this game being no different.

Prediction: Optic Gaming 50% | FlyQuest 50%

Team SoloMid vs. Golden Guardians – Game 5

Team SoloMid has still yet to revert back to their previous form in dominating the NA LCS scene. In comparison, the Golden Guardians has not only largely improved (last place in the Spring split), their win over both the 100 Thieves and Echo Fox show while inconsistent, they are truly capable. Team Solomid while not performing badly, do not have the advantage over the Guardians as they had in the past.

Prediction: Team SoloMid 45% | Golden Guardians 55%

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