League of Legends Patch 8.15 Rundown


Akali: The Akali rework has finally been released this patch following its teaser two weeks ago. The full champion rework overview can be found here. The splash art for all Akali’s skins has also been updated.

Fiddlesticks: Fiddlestick’s poke is extremely annoying at all points of the game, but especially in the early laning phases where it does absurd amount of damages when it bounces multiple times. Riot has nerfed Fiddle’s E mana cost in the early game by a fair amount and reduced the base damage by 5 at all levels.

Fiddlestick League of Legends Champion

Fizz: Massive damage buffs coming to fizz. His W active base damage and AP scaling has been increased, 40/50/60/70/80 to 50/70/90/110/130 and 0.4 to 0.6 respectively. The on hit damage has also been increased by a 0.1 AP scaling ratio. This change will likely lead to more W maxes.

Irelia: A few tweaks to Irelia with a slight buff to her passive, base AD and base health. To compensate, all her skills have been slightly nerfed in some manner, however, they are fairly ignorable.

Kindred: Huge nerf to Kindred, W’s attack speed bonus has been cut by half, now to 25%. Her ultimate cooldown has also been increased by twenty seconds at all levels.

Lee Sin: In an effort to reward Lee’Sin by making him stronger in cases he finds success in the early game, the AD scaling ratio for his Q has been increased from 0.9 to 1. To counter the unnecessary increase in damage when Lee is not ahead, the base damage has been decreased. A new effect has also been included on the Q, where the skill can deal up to 100% bonus damage based on the enemy’s missing hp.

Morgana: Black shield (E) cost has been increased from 50 to 80, great change considering this ability is much too effective when used as a tool to trade mana.

Olaf: W bonus attack speed increased by 15% at all levels.

Olaf League of Legends Esports

Quinn: Base armor decreased by 4, down now to 28. Passive damage has also been lowered at all levels.

Syndra: Q damage in the earlier levels has been increased, allows her to more effectively lane in the early game.

Thresh: W cooldown reduced at the later levels, up to six seconds at level five.

Significant item changes

Support items: The base cost of all level one support items has been increased by 50, from 350 to 400 gold. This will mean one less pot for supports, and removes viability of an extremely early control ward. However, the total item cost for level two support items will remain the same.

Infinity Edge: Total cost down from 3600 to 3400. Riot has finally listened to the outcries of the community by changing its previously horrendous build path. IE will now be built from a B.F Sword, Pickaxe and 1225 gold. However, to compensate for the lowered cost, the AD will be lowered to 70 and true damage down now to 10%.

Jungle items: The previously implemented passive to prevent gold funnelling will be slightly change, with the gold reduction only ricking to effect when the player has the most minion kills in the game. This will allow junglers to snowball without being punished when collecting another laner’s CS.

Other changes

Perfect timing: The stopwatch rune page will only activate the stopwatch at ten minutes.