Patch 9.22 Sets the Stage for the End of the LoL Ranked Season 9

It’s been a while since Riot has released a major patch for League of Legends, but Patch 9.22 comes at the perfect time. It prepares players for the end of the LoL Ranked Season 9, while introducing an original hero. Senna walks the thin line between support and marksman and the amazing trailer has the merit of getting players fully immersed into her story.

The new patch brings plenty of important changes that will influence key champions, therefore affect the balance of the entire multiplayer online battle arena game.

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Senna, New LoL Champion with Patch 9.22

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What does Patch 9.22 Bring New to LoL?

The end of the season is the most anticipated moment of the year for League of Legends players who enjoy ranked matches. That’s why they are particularly interested in finding out how the new patch will impact the balance and which are the best ways to react to buffs and nerfs.

Riot were happy to announce that many of the bugfixes that have kept them busy lately will arrive to celebrate the 10 year anniversary. They will go live this patch and hopefully, improve the gaming experience for millions of players.

In this patch, many heroes that were considered to be a bit too strong got nerfed, but the changes affect mostly the cost of their abilities. Some Ashe, Blitzcrank and Kayle abilities will now require more mana, but the changes are not significant enough to have a deterring effect on their fans. The base damage was also decreased for other champions, such as Malphite and Nautilus, while Kalista got a slight buff.

Pantheon was banned in every single match at the League of Legends Worlds, which prompted Riot to target his consistent damage and with clear in Patch 9.22.

From the Shadows into the Sporlight

Senna is the latest champion to grace the field of battle and players were swept off their feet by the amazing trailer. Her story is interesting and sad at the same time, as she was Lucian’s wife until Thresh took her soul and imprisoned it in his lantern. Now that she is back into the fray, she brings her unique set of abilities to the field of justice and her presence is expected to electrifying the audience.

Players will have the chance to pick her in ranked matches starting on November 10 and like many new champions, she seems a bit overpowered. This can be problematic, as new champions are frequently banned, particularly because of their strong abilities. Senna is a support marksman, the first of her type and this makes her particularly interesting and challenging to play.

Those who choose to play with her will be able to use both utility and damage abilities, which should make them extremely dangerous.

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