LoL Worlds Finals – A new era for Europe dawns

Last week we asked: “Is this the fall of the super region Korea?“. The answer was a resounding yes after LEC & MSI champions G2 dominated SKT (3-1). The semifinal series showcased the intelligence and prowess of G2’s players when playing from behind. With nail-biting action in all four games, and tempo so fast we couldn’t take a break from watching. This series showcased the pinnacle of competitive League of Legends. We also witnessed SKT crack under pressure for the first time in almost a decade.

One day before, FunPlus Phoenix dominated the reigning World Champions Invictus Gaming in the “bloodiest” best of five series in the last four years. Each game had more kills than minutes played. The blood-fest showcased LPL’s aggressive and even reckless behavior when it comes to playing the map.

With both the reigning World Champions and the most titled team out of the tournament, the stage is set for yet another clash between Europe and China in the finals.

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LoL Worlds Finals 2019

© LoL Esports

Setting the stage

Paris and the AccorHotels Arena will be the home for yet another brawl between an LPL and an LEC champion after last year’s final went down the way of China. The roles have reversed as this year G2 and Europe are the favorites for taking the trophy on their home soil. FunPlus Phoenix is the challenger seeking to take  the crown and win the LPL a consecutive Worlds trophy.

Leading up to the Finals there was no shortage of the banter and taunts thrown at each finalist. G2’s toplaner Martin “Wunder” Nordahl Hansen was quick to throw shade at FunPlus stating: “I can say for sure that today was the real final, and they will get a reality check next week.” to a facepalem of his entire crew.

One day before, FunPlus’s Gao “Tian” Tian-Liang ended up mistranslated saying he wants to silence the European crowds but what he actually said was: “I want the crowd to chant FPX’s name”. Regardless of the mistranslation the damage and “BM” were done as legions of posters took to Reddit in uproar. With conviction on both sides that they are the better players the stage is being set for potentially the bloodiest Worlds Finals in history.

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How will the clash between this two teams look like?

Both teams favor offense over defense. What sets them apart is the way they approach their offensive playstyle. FunPlus Phoenix seems to fight for the sake of fighting. All five players seem confident they can out duel and outplay their opponents in teamfights as they seek to pile onto a lane or an objective and teamfight for it extensively each game. G2 on the other hand focuses on setting up plays to benefit a sideline even if they trade an objective unfavorably.

With this in mind, fights can only occur if FunPlus intercepts G2 as they make a cross map play or if G2 doubles down on an objective and fights straight up.

In either scenario it is hard to find a winning fight for FunPlus Phoenix as they are severely outmatched by G2 across the board. Some might argue that Doinb is the bring light that will lead them to victory. But, even if he performs exceptionally we saw G2 handle Faker when he was hyperfed in the semis with relative ease. Furthermore, G2’s macro play is clearly ahead of their opposition throughout the entire tournament.

This leaves only one winning avenue for the Chinese team. Beating G2 from minute one and then creating an insurmountable lead. This could work in a best-of-one scenario but in 5 games repeating the outcome is nearly impossible.

G2 Esports Team at LoL Worlds

© LoL Esports

LoL Worlds Finals Predictions

Since we are starting at a single series we will try to make predictions with score and exotic bets included. First up, our entire article led to the logical conclusion that G2 wins this series 3-0. At Unikrn you can outright G2 winning 3-0 at 6.50 coefficient. If you are a bit on the conservative side a 3-1 victory still nets 4.5 coefficient making both bets valuable and protecting each other.

A plethora of specials for the Finals are available at Betway Esports as well. Map 1 Hero to be Picked specials is our hot selection. With Xayah and Kaisa both being hot picks at the event. Playing either or both of this champions as Map 1 picks can be a solid bet.

Finally, if you seek to challenge all picks and go against the tide. GG.Bet offers great outright odds for FunPlus winning the trophy at 1.97.

A honorable mention should go to as well. They offer over 77 exotic markets for the LoL Worlds Finals.

First of all, regardless of which provider you choose, the World Championship finals is featured everywhere. Before you make your decision take a look at our guide on how to bet on LoL Worlds and find out the best esports betting sites. Finally, keep in mind that our selection only covers a fraction of all the bets on offer and due diligence might find you markets we did not cover.

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