SKT to receive new celebration skins

A recent video published on the Official Facebook page of League of Legends esports (lolesports) shows the champion recall animations for each skin, and how the players decided to “act out” their recall animation. It is also confirmed kKoma will not be receiving his troll Teemo skin, however, Riot has caved in and provided a really amazing ward skin with some animations and a hilarious expire / removal animation.

The respective members of SKT, who took out the 2016 League of Legends World Championship have chosen their recall animations for all their champion skins. Not only were the players allowed to choose a champion that Riot would create a skin with relations to the team’s theme, the players also submitted videos of how they’d like their champion skin to recall. This makes the skin extremely personalized and attempts to both create a memorable skin for the players who’ve won the League of Legends World Championships, but also makes the skin feel closer to the players.

This comes after community backlash of previous set of SK Telecom T1 themed skins, where Riot failed to take into account the team’s dress for worlds and failed to properly consult the players. The previous 2016 draft skins for SKT were the usual team colors, Red, yellow and white. This forced the community into huge uproar, as SKT were consistently wearing black in the 2016 World Championships, leading to many fans hating on Riot’s design team. In an attempt to calm down the community, Riot not only decided to rework the skins, but also listened to the community and take into account the black jacket color, along with consulting the SKT players for of course, the recall animations.

Within the LoL esports community, many consider that the best skin from the 5 new SKT World Championship skins for 2016, is undoubtedly the Ekko skin. While players may already have Project Ekko, one of the coolest skins in the game, the upcoming SKT skin is simply stunning. The animations on every single ability in SKT Ekko are so well design, and the particles on each skill are so details and flashy. In combination with Ekko’s naturally fast movement speed, gameplay and overall intense fights, makes the skin top the charts for the best skins in the game. That’s only about the animations! Riot edited the color to fit the taste of SKT fans which reflect their appearance at worlds, and they did tremendously. This skin screams SKT all the way, quite literally in fact, Ekko’s time shadow spells out “S”, “K”, “T” when it is up.

Getting any of the SKT skins will allow fans and players to directly support the team. Riot has explained that it will funnel a portion of money to the team owners for every team themed skin sold. Last year, it was revealed that Riot was changing their revenue streams, and allocating 25% to be shared amongst the SKT players and the SKT organisation.