TSM and SKT qualify for League of Legends Worlds

As we see the final games of the Summer season come to a head, teams are currently in the process of being seeded for the season’s biggest League of Legends tournament – the League of Legends World Championship.
In recent developments, two teams have already made it to the World’s – SKT and TSM. Let’s take look at this in more detail.


SKT qualifies!

As expected, the world’s best team and three-time former world champions are once again returning to claim back their title. Many foresaw this moment straight after the League of Legends World Championships 2016 due to their extremely strong post tournament shuffle.

SKT’s roster consist of the some of the, if not the best individual laners – if not one the best players – in the world.

Faker is undoubtedly the best mid-laner in the world, being a three-time world champion with his beloved team, SK Telecom T1.

Peanut had been poached straight after last year’s impressive LoL world championship performance. Regarded as the world’s best jungler, he almost singlehandedly pushed down SKT in the semi-finals.
While Peanut was absolutely crushed from the loss, SKT saw the potential and moved in for the player straight away.

Huni is also regarded as one of the top-three top laners in North America, having found success in Immortals before being scooped by his dream team, SKT.

tsm Esports team

TSM also qualify!

North America’s most popular team Team Solo Mid have also earned a seed in the League of Legends World Championships.

High expectations have been placed on TSM, having won the earlier Spring Split Playoffs and their strong showing in the Summer Split.

Their next game will be against Team Dignitas in the NA LCS Summer Playoffs (semi-finals), where they are expected to win and likely compete against Counter Logic Gaming for the first seed.
No matter the outcome, TSM will be going to Worlds, either as the team with the region’s highest championship points, or the Summer Playoff’s top team.

How are the LoL Worlds’ slots allocated?

The 2017 League of Legends World Championships will host 24 of the best competitive LoL teams from around the globe, with three spots available for each of the following regions – South Korea, China, North America, Europe and ‘Taiwan/Hong Kong/ Macau’. The major regions will account for a total 15 spots.

These slots are allocated to the major regions with the most consistent and largest skill pool. While China and Hong Kong have in the past usually been grouped together, their separation comes as many extremely strong teams have emerged from both nations in the last two years.

Additionally, one position is available for the following regions; Brazil, Latin North America, Latin South America, Japan, Oceania, Turkey, South East Asia and CIS/Russia.

This sets in motion the industry breaking decision to allow one team from each of the fringe nations a set place – ensuring Oceania and Turkey are fully represented, while also allowing a diverse range of teams from all around the world.

Alongside the regular qualifiers, the region with the highest rank at the 2017 MSI will also receive an additional position.