Catch all the live action at Tyler1 Championship Series

The Tyler1 Championship Series, more commonly known as the TCS is currently underway. The tournament is set to last a whole week between the 14th and 21st of December. This event marks the third series of its kind, the first TCS having launched in 2017, gaining immense support from the LoL community.


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Currently, half of the tournament matches have already passed. Team E Turner has advanced to the finals match, holding decisive victories against their opponents. The team will be a strong competitor for first place considering the likes of rank 1 TF Blade, jungle superstar Metaphor and Katarina prodigy KatEvolved.

Where can we watch the Tyler1 Championship Series 2019?

You can primarily catch the Tyler1 Championship Series through the loltyler1 Twitch channel.

Depending on the match, some streamers may choose to stream their participation in the TCS on their personal Twitch channels.

The games are being casted by a variety of different casters, ranging from professionals to streamers.

The Tyler1 Championship Series Prize Pool for 2019

Sticking to the prize pool for the TCS 2018, this year’s event has remained at $50,000. People have commented on the low prize pool despite the tournament’s high exposure and viewership.


© Tyler1 Championship Series

Tyler1 has responded, stating the TCS is fully funded by himself, and receives no sponsorship for the event (aside of course from his loltyler1 com).

This means any prize pool increase would have to come out from his own pocket, and considering the limited revenue generation from the TCS without sponsorships, $50,000 is already very substantial.

3.8 Bonus
100% Deposit, up to €200

Consider joining?

The participating teams were all picked by Tyler1. Tyler1 mentioned to be considered for the TCS, participants must either be high elo (Grands master – Challanger), or be a popular streamer / personality.