Is Wander Warwick? – Arcane Theory Crafting

Is Vander from Arcane actually League of Legends’ Warwick? Here are some of the major details and hits that might prove the theory.


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Who is Vander in Arcane?

If you haven’t watched the series, Vander is the adoptive father of Vi and Powder. After failing to start a revolution with the top part of Piltover with Silco, he became the unofficial leader of the underground. Working with Grayson, an enforcer, the two aim to keep the peace between the undercity and the top of the city.

While Silco continued the dream of the revolution, Vander became the owner of the pub, protecting his children and guiding them in the right direction.

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Is Warwick Vander in Arcane?

At the end of the third act of Arcane, we get a shot of a claw that resembles the one Warwick has in League. Together with him, we also have Singed, the mad chemist. While we do know Warwick is coming in Arcane season 2, what does he have to do with Vander?

First of all, we know that Vander’s left arm was injured when Silco and Vander fought in the water. Not only that, but the creature in Silco’s lab had a chemtech-empowered left arm, which could be Vander’s.

There are also minor details hinting at this. The sounds used in the Netflix series are quite similar to Warwick’s theme. Vander’s nickname is also ‘Hound of the Underground’, which can be related to Warwick’s characteristics as a hunter.

What Will Happen to Vander in Arcane Season 2?

While it’s not confirmed yet that the theory is true, we will likely get the confirmation in the next season. Given that we’ve only had a few glimpses of Singed and his creation, it might take quite a long time before Warwick steps into play.

If the theory crafting turns out to be right though, it will be exciting to see what role the transformed Vander will have going forward. Will he go against his two children? There are many questions that will have to be answered. 

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