Weekend predictions: League of Legends – Japan League

As the League of Legends – Japan League (LjL) begins to wrap up, teams are rigorously fighting for spots in the semi-finals. While the two top teams in the LpL right now, Rampage and DetonatioN Gaming, are ensured a position in the semis, teams in the middle are struggling to qualify.

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Rampage and DetonatioN Gaming are both currently 8-1, and while their games in round nine and ten don’t matter too much, the winner will be allocated a more favourable opponent in the semi-finals.
Regarding the other two positions in the semi-finals, Unsold Stuff Gaming, 7th heaven and Rascal Jester all need to be at the top of their game due to their close standing. The winners of Round 9 (Unsold Stuff Gaming or 7th heaven) would directly advance to the semi-finals, as they are both 4-5 and are not participating in any Round 10 games.


If Rascal Jester were to win against Burning Core, due to Riot’s system which prioritises the most recent win between teams who are tied (when they last fought), they would enter the semi-finals over Unsold Stuff Gaming or 7th heaven (depends on who loses).

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Unsold Stuff Gaming vs. 7th Heaven – Game 1

Unsold Stuff Gaming and 7th Heaven will go battle against one another on the 11th of August, 10:00 AM (UTC). This will be the only game of the day.



This game is set to be extremely close, as both Unsold Stuff Gaming and 7th Heaven are both 4-5 in the ladder for the LjL Summer Split. Unsold Stuff Gaming have beaten 7th Heaven in the past, so it’s possible 7H will tilt in game, like many other teams who throw the game due to the pressure. Even the best teams crack under this phenomenon, and 7H is no exception. That said, the game between the two will be extremely close and could go either way.

Rascal Jester vs. Burning Core – Game 2

Rascal Jester and Burning core will be the first game of the day in Round 10 of the LjL. You can catch the match at 7:00 AM (UTC).

The battle of the two bottom teams in the LjL. Burning core has had an extremely poor performance this split, in addition they have little to no motivation in winning (beside not wanting to finish without a single win) – so it’s unlikely we will even see them perform decently. While Rascal hasn’t done the best either, they will still overwhelm Burning as, quite simply, they’re a better team.

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Detonation FocusMe vs. Rampage – Game 3

Detonation FocusMe and Rampage will be the game following Rascal and Burning, being the day’s second match. This has been scheduled just 3 hours after the start of Game 1 and will likely be played at 10:00 AM (UTC)

Both teams have dropped a single game in the LpL, besides that they’ve had a perfect split. This will be the battle of the two houses in the LpL to determine the top team in the region before the semis and finals. In their last battle against each other, Detonation took out the game against Rampage 1-0. As mentioned before, while two teams may be equally skilled, past games have shown that the victor of previous games have a small advantage over their opponents (equal tier / standing). The game can really go either way. If the odds are sided towards a single team by a fair amount, bet on that team!

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