Team Liquid eliminated from Worlds

Following a fairly common trend over the past few years, North America’s top team coming out of the Summer Playoffs has once again failed to get past groups. That said, NA still has hope in Cloud9, since they will be making it to the quarter finals.


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Placed into Group C

Having drawn a ticket to Group C, Team Liquid’s chance to get past groups were quite slim. Group C featured both KT Rolster and Edward Gaming: two top team whose reputation for success far exceeds Team Liquid. Liquid managed to pull a win against Edward Gaming, a decent achievement considering EDG are one of China’s top teams, with the region being stronger than ever before. As expected, Team Liquid were able to smash MAD Team 2-0, while getting obliterated 0-2 by KT Rolster, the favorites to take out the 2018 League of Legends World Champioship.

Liquid’s fate being sealed by EDG

The final game saw Edward Gaming going head to head against KT Rolster in an extremely intense and close game. This game led to a situation, where KT’s win would allow Liquid to go into a tie breaker with EDG to determine the quarterfinals spot. Unfortunately for Liquid, EDG managed to turn around the game even with KT Rolster’s early game lead. This was mainly accredited to a multitude of kills being funnelled into Ray, allowing him to hit his item spikes much earlier than expected, leading to an eventual snowball effect. As a result of Edward Gaming’s win, they reached four wins like KT Rolster, lifting them to the quarterfinals while knocking out Liquid.

Hope for NA

While Team Liquid has been knocked out, Cloud9 has advanced to the quarter finals from Group B. This comes as a major surprise, as Group B had been considered the most difficult group in the entire World Championship. Group B saw defending world champions Gen.G (formely Samsung), top Chinese team Royal Never Give Up and Team Vitality.

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