Ludwig Mondays tournaments are changing Fortnite for the better

The Ludwig Mondays tournaments are going to be launching soon. This is how it’s all going to work and why it’s so unique for a Fortnite tournament.

Ever since Ludwig branched out with his record-breaking Twitch sub-a-thon, he’s become known out launching big events in the world of gaming. After a recent success with a content creator Fortnite event, Ludwig is going to be launching a full series of events.

Ludwig Monday Fortnite

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Ludwig Mondays Tournament 

Ludwig Mondays are going to be an upcoming Fortnite series of tournaments. It might shock you to hear these tournaments are all going to be taking place on Mondays. It’s also going to be a partnership between Fortnite and the streamer, linking up for a series of events.

This is a different approach to tournaments from Epic, usually there’s a divide between the official esports and those from the community. These tournaments are all going to be Fortnite events, but they might get a bit more creative.

The last Ludwig tournament featured content creators in teams, but with some twists. It was played on the ‘no build’ game mode, already a big departure from serious competitive Fortnite. The teams also received a last minute shake up, with one member being randomized and assigned to a team of strangers. There were also other minor rule changes, like everyone agreeing to stay away from the game’s tanks!

The Ludwig Mondays tournaments are going to be a series of similar events. Each is going to involve Fortnite, but they could have major changes to the actual rules. Each will be different, so we can probably expect some creative rulesets over the course of the series.

Did I mention the impressive prize pool at the event of $100,000 over all of the tournaments. While this doesn’t approach the FNCS where the best Fortnite players duke it out, this is definitely a bigger prize than is standard for content creator events.

When Does it Start?

The Ludwig Mondays Fortnite events have been announced, but we don’t have all of the details yet! Outside of them taking place on Mondays, we’re yet to get confirmation of when the tournaments are due to be going down. The first is going to be focusing on an overlooked part of the Fortnite community though, smaller creators. This will be people who don’t average more than 1,000 viewers. A great opportunity to explore upcoming talent in Fortnite.

Ludwig Mondays Partnership with Epic Games

The Ludwig Mondays tournament is big news thanks to the partnership with Epic Games. Epic are the main force behind Fortnite epsorts and usually keep all official competition in-house. However, they don’t normally run streamer events like this. This time around Epic is funding the prize pool themselves.

This is a big change, so what’s warranted this?

Quite recently, Ludwig’s no build tournament proved to be a big hit, drawing in high viewing numbers on Twitch and occupying many of the top streamers’ channels. It even managed to drag XQC out of his reddit r/place raid for long enough to win the cup. With diverse streamers playing and a fun ruleset, this tournament was one of the biggest for Fortnite esports in a while. A lot in the community speculated that this was going to lead to Zero Builds Arena mode becoming a feature in the game. It’s definitely shown an appetite for lighter tournaments like Ludwig Mondays.

This new Fortnite tournament is something a bit different for fans. If each of the events are going to be as creative as the round announced so far, then the Ludwig Mondays series looks like one to watch.