Mainstage 2021 – Smash Bros and Nickelodeon Tournament

Mainstage 2021 is going to feature some of the top Smash Bros players out there, and some be will be trading their GameCube controllers for a SpongeBob SquarePants game. This fighting game tournament mainly covers Smash Bros, but this time around it is also going to be including a new game alongside the popular franchise. This is what is going to be going on at the event, which is held November 12-14th.

Mainstage 2021

Mainstage 2021 Tournament

Mainstage 2021 is being held by Beyond the Summit. Super Smash Bros is a unique fighter, dragging in widely different characters to brawl in lively stages. The title features gameplay that has a completely different competitive skillset to normal competitive fighting games. Although, it is one that has become popular in general fighting games. This might go someway towards explaining the next major Smash bros esports tournament.

The Smash Ultimate portion of the event is going to be both a Doubles and Singles tournament. Players are competing here to win Mainstage, but also to secure a spot at the Smash Summit 12. As the biggest Smash event, these slots are a big deal. Only the top six players are going to qualify for Smash Summit from Mainstage 2021. The Ultimate Singles bracket is due to be held on November 12/13th, with Doubles running on the same day.

Melee at Mainstage

Smash Ultimate might be the newest version of the game, but nothing will replace Melee. The older game is still going to be a part of Mainstage, with the same details as the Ultimate tournaments. These will be held on November 12/13th for Singles and November 12th for Doubles.

Other Games at Mainstage 2021

The two Smash titles currently in competitive rotation are definitely the main event. However, Mainstage will be running some other games throughout to keep things lively. They were originally set to include project M+, the updated version of Project M, itself a fan mode to make the Smash Bros Brawl gameplay more in line with Melee. This was removed at Nintendo’s request. However, even without Project M there is one fun and unexpected inclusion for Mainstage, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

Nickelodeon All-Star Braw

This game is going to be present at Mainstage 2021 in the form of a singles event taking place on November 12th. This game is a tie-in that features characters from popular Nickelodeon franchises like SpongeBob, basically just mapped onto the Smash Bros gameplay. It is kind of similar to the Mario kart clone in the same All-Stars series.

This is a weird inclusion for a Smash bros event, but the gameplay does look very familiar. This might make it a lot more entertaining to watch than it would appear. Seeing pros try to learn Smash style gameplay in a casual fighting game on the fly is definitely going to be a fun change of pace from Melee. This isn’t even All-Stars first esports event either, a streamer tournament is being held before this.

Those are the events that are going to be running at Smash Mainstay 2021. Smash Bros has had a slow re-entry to in-person events, which has really built the anticipation for events like this. Tournaments have been held recently, but not with the same roster of attendees. Mainstay 2021 is going to feature some of the best Smash Bros players like MKLeo, Hungrybox, Laffen, Tweek, and Zain. It is definitely going to be a fighting game tournament to watch out for.