Vampire Esports scripts history with stellar PUBG Mobile season

Vampire Esports, the Thai PUBG Mobile powerhouse, have cemented their names in the history books after defending their World Invitational (PMWI) 2023 title. The team has become the first organization to achieve this accolade.

What makes this finish even more exciting is that Vampire Esports are now four-time back-to-back champions in the PMWI. Last year, the PMWI was also held in Riyadh during the Gamers8 festival but two separate events took place: the Main Tournament and the Afterparty Showdown. Vampire were dominant and got first place at both events.

PMWI 2023

For 2023, only one tournament took place, but across two stages: the All-Stars Stage and the Main Tournament. Vampire Esports came into the tournament as one of the favorites, but not many people anticipated that the organization would be able to win both stages. They did just that, though.

Vampire Esports seals stellar victory in the PMWI 2023 at Gamers8

Vampire Esports showed that they mean business on the opening day of the PMWI 2023 All Stars Stage itself, with two back-to-back chicken dinners to establish an early lead in the standings. They carried this lead with a consistent performance to comfortably finish in the first place and storm into the Main Tournament as the hot favorites.

Vampire didn’t disappoint in the Main Tournament either. They continued their consistent performances to build up a lead on the first day itself. With nine top-two finishes in 18 matches, they were on a different level altogether finishing at the top of the standings with 227 points, an 89-point lead over the second-placed Six Two Eight from China.

PMWI 2023

The Thai team will now walk home with $432,500 of the $2 million prize pool. Additionally, Vampire Esports’ TonyK proved why he is one of the best players in the world by bagging the MVP, Gunslinger, Grenade Master, and Medic awards as well.

PMWI 2023 Standings – Top 10 Teams

The PMWI 2023 Overall Standings are as follows:

  1. Vampire Esports: 227 points
  2. Six Two Eight: 138 points
  3. Gaimin Gladiators: 121 points
  4. Alpha7 Esports: 120 points
  5. Alter Ego Ares: 108 points
  6. Fire Flux Esports: 101 points
  7. Geekay Esports: 100 points
  8. Stalwart Esports: 99 points
  9. Dplus: 96 points
  10. Tianba: 94 points

With the PMWI 2023 wrapping up, the second half of the PUBG Mobile esports season will now begin. The teams will battle it out across regional leagues for a spot at the PMGC 2023 which is set to happen in Turkey towards the end of the year.


Tencent also revealed the slot distribution for the PMGC during the World Invitational. A total of 51 teams from around the globe are set to compete for the title of world champions. Additionally, Vampire Esports have earned a direct invite into the League Stage for their victory in the PMWI.

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