Modern Warfare II League Play Ranks and Rules Leaked

For the more competitive Call of Duty fans, nothing brings them closer to the real, challenging action than Ranked Play. When Modern Warfare II launched in October, it was missing any League Play platform, with Treyarch suggesting it would launch in 2023, once the Call of Duty League had kicked off in full. However, one Twitter user recently took to the airwaves to leak a series of images that allegedly reveal everything you’d need to know about Modern Warfare II League Play.

In this leak, Twitter user @codsploitz_imgs revealed skill division and rank emblems, the competitive ruleset, and fundamental information regarding the inner workings of League Play. It’s nothing that we didn’t really expect, but there are some changes this year compared to the League Play and Ranked Play modes found in the previous Call of Duty releases.

From Call of Duty League to League Play

modern warfare ii league play ranked

It’s an unfortunate fact, but even once Modern Warfare II League Play is released, public lobbies will still suffer from the punishing SBMM that has been present since launch. It’s one of the biggest and most uncomfortable issues with Modern Warfare II, forcing players to basically ‘sweat’ every lobby that they find themselves in. As it’s a ‘casual’ and ‘public’ multiplayer, there’s an argument there that SBMM shouldn’t even exist.

But it does, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

However, when League Play is introduced, it’ll bring about an entirely new ball game; a truly competitive platform that’s as rigorous with its ruleset as it is its enforcement of restricted items. As per the leak on Twitter by @codsploitz_imgs, it has been suggested that:

  • There are seven Skill Divisions in MWII’s League Play, and players advance up the Divisions by earning ‘SR’, which are points that are acquired following any given match.
  • When a new MWII season starts, a player will drop down one Skill Division, with the highest starting Division being ‘Diamond I’.
  • In MWII’s League Play, all unrestricted weapons, attachments, and perks are unlocked by default.
  • As per previous Ranked Modes, League Play’s ruleset includes friendly fire being on by default, many items, maps, and modes being restricted, and friendly fire, inactivity, and disconnecting incurring suspensions and penalties.
  • If a player or team is able to win three matches in a row, they will start a ‘Hot Streak’ that sets their emblem ablaze, indicating that they’re on a burner in League Play.

When Will MWII League Play Arrive?

There was one detail not covered in the leak, and that was the release date for League Play in Modern Warfare II. There are expectations that League Play will launch at the beginning of 2023, a time period that coincides with Season Two of Modern Warfare II.

As the Call of Duty League unravels, the more competitive players are becoming increasingly eager at picking up a more intense challenge in Modern Warfare II. They’ve waited almost two months for League Play thus far, and it seems as though they won’t have to wait much longer.