MW2 Ranked Modes Won’t Arrive Until 2023, Treyarch Confirms

It has been revealed by Treyarch that MW2 ranked modes won’t be surfacing until 2023. This comes as a slight blow to the more competitive players in the community, as it’s yet another aspect of the game that is entirely missing when, to some extent, it should have been present at launch. In a statement posted on Twitter, Treyarch confirmed that, in preparation for MW2’s ranked mode, the same modes found on Cold War and Vanguard will be switched off from the 22nd of November.

Reportedly, there is a string of changes coming to the game that will drop along with the MW2 ranked play update, but at the moment, no date has been confirmed. This list of changes includes the addition of skill divisions, visible skill ratings, a leaderboard, and competitive rewards. There were expectations that MW2 ranked play would launch alongside the Call of Duty League in December, but it now seems like that isn’t going to be the case.

Is this another shortcoming of the Modern Warfare 2 ecosystem, or is the delay welcome news?

MW2 Ranked Mode Will Launch in 2023

For many avid players, it seemed as though Modern Warfare 2 launched in an unfinished state. It might be the fastest-selling Call of Duty title in history, but it’s already becoming one of the most heavily criticised titles in the franchise thus far. From complex weapon unlock paths to no hardcore modes, and from unbalanced attachments to an intense, punishing SBMM algorithm, there are quite a few issues being debated by the community at large.

There are tongue-in-cheek comments being made that suggest we’re already playing a MW2 ranked play mode in ‘pubs’, given that the SBMM mechanics are so brutal.

In December, the Call of Duty League returns for the 2023 season, and many fans expected League Play or Ranked Play to launch at the same time. Bizarrely, players won’t get to enjoy the more competitive stylings of a ranked mode in Modern Warfare 2 until ‘2023’. It’s a considerable delay, especially considering countless players are already ploughing their way to the maximum level and unlocking every camo possible in the game.

Does MW2 Need Fixing Before More Content is Added?

mw2 ranked mode announcement

Image Credit: Activision

While MW2 ranked play is obviously a welcome addition, there are many basic aspects to the game that fans are still crying out for. For instance, there’s currently no way for a player to check their progress in the multiplayer platform – there are no leaderboards, no barracks menu, and no statistics trackers. This is something that has been considered in every multiplayer Call of Duty title going back more than a decade, so it’s fair to call it a strange move for Modern Warfare 2 to not include it.

At present, there is no further information on the arrival of MW2 ranked play. It’s likely to be modelled heavily on the Call of Duty League, as is the norm, but that’s just an assumption. Treyarch has confirmed that, in the meantime, players can enjoy a CDL Moshpit playlist, which will arrive when season one goes live on the 16th of November.

Coincidentally, that’s also when Call of Duty: Warzone 2 launches, so it’s likely very few players will be on the Modern Warfare 2 platform to enjoy that playlist.

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