Call of Duty Ranked Mode: Which CoD Games Have a Ranking System?

When Call of Duty: Black Ops II launched in 2012, it brought with it the first Call of Duty ranked mode. This was a revolutionary step for the developers, as it permitted players to climb the ranks a little higher, unlock more ranks, and prove their skills one step further. Many COD fans think that, out of all the COD games with ranking systems, Black Ops II was by far the best and the most balanced. We’re here to determine which Call of Duty games have offered players a ranked multiplayer mode since 2012.

While Black Ops II might have done it better than all the other games that followed, it certainly wasn’t the last title to see this extra competitive step added in. For many, Black Ops II is the epitome of Call of Duty multiplayer, and it’s thanks to that game that the COD esports scene kicked off so strongly. If you wanted to jump in and climb the ranks in COD, Black Ops II was the place to be, but what other titles have seen a ranked mode in the ten years that have gone by since BO2’s heyday?

The Call of Duty Ranked Mode Problem

Call of Duty Ranked Mode

COD Ranked Mode badges from Cold War. (Image Credit: Charlie INTEL)

For some reason, not every Call of Duty release comes with a ranked mode. It’s often added in as a later update to the game, such as was the case with Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard. Out of all the Call of Duty games in history, only a small handful have boasted a ranked mode. For many, it’s the most welcome addition imaginable, giving players the option to enter higher-stakes games and compete to climb up intense leaderboards.

It’s hardly a coincidence that what many consider to be the best Call of Duty game in history also came equipped with one of the best Call of Duty ranked mode platforms.

As a fan, you can almost count the COD games with a ranking system on one hand. From 2012 to 2022, they are:

  • Black Ops II (League Play)
  • Advanced Warfare (Ranked Play)
  • WWII (Ranked Play)
  • Black Ops Cold War (Ranked Play)
  • COD Mobile (Ranked Play)
  • Vanguard (League Play)

There are some differences between League Play and Ranked Play, but ultimately, they’re the same thing. They enable players to enter playlists restricted to certain maps and modes, and that feature a lockdown on most items, weapons, and abilities. They’re built to promote as level a playing field as possible, utilising skill-based matchmaking algorithms that put players in matches with opponents best suited to their skill level.

Future CoD Games with Ranking System

While 2019’s Modern Warfare wasn’t one of the COD games with a ranking system, all Call of Duty games since then have featured one. It featured typical multiplayer progression, but it didn’t release with any kind of ranked mode, and one wasn’t added later.

In 2022, Modern Warfare II will launch, and it’s unknown yet whether or not it’ll feature a ranked mode. As Call of Duty esports become increasingly popular, more and more amateur players want to soak up a more competitive experience. In ‘pubs’, there’s typically a very mixed bag when it comes to the competitors available, and any weapons, load-outs, and perks can be used, creating an inherent imbalance in the match.

Should Modern Warfare II want to succeed, it should certainly feature a well-built ranked mode.