Call of Duty Ranks – Ranked Rewards & How to Climb to Grand Master

Call of Duty is one of the most popular mobile shooters with a huge player base. However, how exactly do you stand out and prove your skill in the game?

The Call of Duty ranks put a quantified league on your skill, allowing you to play others at your own level, measure your improvement and even compete for rewards. If you’re looking at mobile esports or competitive Call of Duty mobile esports specifically, then getting to the higher tiers of the ranks is a pre-requisite.


The Call of Duty ranking system is fairly simple. This guide covers everything you need to know about them, how to rank up, what rewards you gain, and when they reset. There are quite a few ranks to progress through though. However, the rewards definitely make it worthwhile.

What are the Call of Duty Mobile Ranks?

The Call of Duty ranks are a simple system to determine what your skill level is in the game. As you play, you earn points which can move you up in the ranks if you perform well enough. The ranks are separate for Battle Royale and the main multiplayer, so your skill in each specific discipline is reflected here.

Your Call of Duty mobile ranks will also help to determine your matchmaking in competitive lobbies, giving you the chance to play against those at a similar skill level. These are all of the ranks in the game and what points you’re going to need to move up to your next one:

COD Mobile Ranks

COD Ranks

Rookie – This is where you start

Here is the first rank you will acquire within the system. Although it may seem easy and less of a challenge, this is where your general game knowledge will grow initially:

  • Rookie I – 1-200 CP
  • Rookie II – 201-400 CP
  • Rookie III – 401-600 CP
  • Rookie IV – 601-800 CP
  • Rookie V – 801-1000 CP

 Veteran – 2nd Call of Duty Ranks

Within this rank, most players will be a little more experienced. Fortunately, with only being one rank above Rookie, don’t expect to see too much competition. Try to hone your skills to rise even further:

  • Veteran I – 1001-1200 CP
  • Veteran II – 1201-1400 CP
  • Veteran III – 1401-1600 CP
  • Veteran IV – 1601-1800 CP
  • Veteran V – 1801-2000 CP

Elite – Rank 3

This tier of the Call of Duty Mobile ranks is where players are starting to get better. While the newer players aren’t really here, it doesn’t take too long to reach this rank. Things get more serious in Elite, these are the ranks for this one:

  • Elite I – 2001-2200 CP
  • Elite II – 2201-2400 CP
  • Elite III – 1401-1600 CP
  • Elite IV – 2601-2800 CP
  • Elite V – 2801-3000 CP

Pro – 4th Call of Duty Rank

The level in competition in Pro rank rises slightly from Elite. Game sense, accuracy and a good knowledge of weapons for each situation is essential for success here:

  • Pro I – 3001-3300 CP
  • Pro II – 3301-3600 CP
  • Pro III – 3601-3900 CP
  • Pro IV – 3901-4200 CP
  • Pro V – 4201–4500 CP

Master – Rank 5

Master is nearly reaching the peak of the game, so this is a much more competitive end of the game. These are the ranks here:

  • Master I – 4501–4800 CP
  • Master II 4801-5100 CP
  • Master III – 5101-5300 CP
  • Master IV – 5301-5600 CP
  • Master v – 5601-6000 CP

Grandmaster & Legendary Ranks – Reaching the top

The top tier of the Call of Duty ranks are Grand Master & Legendary and it works a bit differently. They has no separate tiers, once you’re up in this rank you’re at the very top of the game. 6001 CP+ is required to be in these ranks, once you hit it though you’re at the top of the game’s skill level. If you have over 8000 points and are among the top 5000 players you will become Legendary.

Call of Duty Ranks Rewards

Now that you have seen the Call of Duty ranking tiers, we have a list of rewards you can attain. The obvious motivation is to have bragging rights for being one of the best players you know. You can however also earn some pretty nice rewards for the hard work through the season. At the end of each season, you can gain exclusive weapon blueprints, accessories, and experience boosters. This also applies for Battle Royale and normal gameplay.

These are the Call of Duty ranks rewards:

Season 4: Wild Dogs Free Rewards

  • Green Rust – Frag, Smoke, Molotov, Clown, Snowboard
  • Sand Tracks – Shicom, AK117, XPR 50, J358
  • Contact Grenade
  • Koshka
  • Cobra Head

Season 4: Wild Dogs Premium Rewards

  • Cluster Grenade – Oasis
  • Muscle Car – Oasis
  • Wingsuit – Oasis
  • LK24 – Oasis
  • Trap Master – Oasis
  • Rytex AMR – Oasis
  • Axe – Oasis
  • Parachute – Oasis
  • Tank – Oasis
  • Desperado – Oasis
  • Thumper – Oasis
  • AS VAL – Heat Shield
  • Ghost – Apparition
  • Weather the Storm
  • Arid Artillery
  • Sandpike
  • Swordfish – Arid Shroud
  • Roach
  • Roze – Sand Dune
  • XQR – Sandpike
  • Holger 26 – Serpentine Sands
  • Backpack – Rig Satchel
  • Farah – Desert Sentinel
  • Koshka – Skiff Shot

S4 Rewards

How to Level Up the Call of Duty Ranks?

Now that you know what is at stake and what could be won, you must find success. Unfortunately for rank progression there is no super quick method. Whether you play solo or in a group you must place well in either Battle Royale or Multiplayer. We have some tips that will certainly help you in the quest for success. Firstly, If you play solo, ensure you have strong map and weapon knowledge. If you understand both, you can always find yourself in key positions with the correct weapons.

If you play in a team, ensure they are as good as yourself. For you to progress positively, you cannot afford to have any major disadvantages, especially from Professional rank and further. Check forums and Twitch streams for players looking to get a higher rank. You are more commonly going to find likeminded people on these forums. Additionally, test out your weapon set-ups in normal multiplayer. This will allow you to theory craft, and then assemble the perfect loadout.

When are the Call of Duty Ranks Reset?

When the reset applies itself, your own personal rank will reset too. Fortunately, if you have worked up very high in the ranks, you will not fall all the way back down to Rookie. Below is a list of resets for each rank.

  • Legendary Pro I
  • Master 5 Elite 5
  • Master 4 Elite 4
  • Master 3 Elite 3
  • Master 1 Elite 1
  • Pro 5 Veteran 5
  • Pro 3 & 4 Veteran 4
  • Pro 1 & 2 Veteran 3
  • Elite 4 & 5 Veteran 2
  • Elite 2 & 3 Veteran 1
  • Elite 1 & Veteran 5 Rookie 5
  • Veteran 2 Rookie 3
  • Veteran 1 Rookie 2
  • Rookie 1 – 5 Rookie 1

That’s how you’ll start each season depending on where you finish. The Call of Duty Mobile Ranks are a key component of the game. Whether you’re hoping to climb to the very top or just optimize your rewards reach, season it’s important to know how they all work.