Best Settings for CoD Mobile: Which are the Pro Settings for CoD Mobile?

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the highest-grossing franchise games to ever hit the hand-held markets. Based on the hugely successful CoD franchise, the mobile version brings plenty of action for players to get involved with. Today we present the Best settings for CoD Mobile.

The game itself takes elements from different titles in the franchise and blends it together for an on-the-go experience. It was released in late 2019, with TiMi Studio Group being behind the development.

The main goal had been to establish Call of Duty in a new market, and that is exactly what had been achieved. With Battle Royale and multiplayer game modes available, there is something for everybody. However, with such a big transition from normal CoD, there are plenty of adjustments to be made. Also, there are many vital settings for Call of Duty: Mobile.  For this reason, we have come up with a comprehensive list on the best settings for CoD: Mobile. Additionally, we have noted some tips and tricks, information on the upcoming season, and the landscape of its esports scene.

best settings for cod mobile

Professional settings

As with every game with a competitive element, settings are one of the most important aspects. From graphics to control settings, if you can gain any slight advantage, it is worth taking the time to test it out. Like our other pro-setting guides, we recommend a good starting point. Only with experience and time can you decide on the best settings. So, let us start with the graphics side of the game. Now, depending on how many fingers you use for the screen, breaking the screen into four sections will enable you to navigate through movement, shooting, and selecting equipment faster.

In the basic settings, have aim assist, quick run, continuous grenade throw, and quick weapon switch enabled. These will allow for more consistent shots, better transitional movement, faster equipment usage, and faster weapon swap. Also, have the damage number showing, as this will allow you to approach re-engagement wiser. Next, having tap screen on for both slide and ADS will quicken up movement and firing. When setting up field of view, try and aim between 60-75 for both options. You do not want to overload your screen, plus you want a medium FoV for better shots.

Next, with the mini map set scale to the maximum, and then place opacity at 40. This will allow you to see a good portion of the map, and it will not dominate the screen. Finally, for graphics try to set a medium graphic quality, and then high – very high frame rate. With it being a mobile game, having the best graphic settings may affect your input commands. Unless you have a top-of-the-line device, avoid using the highest options.

Additional Settings

For audio options, it is advisable to have all settings on 100. However, if you can disable music volume, you can avoid tense music near the conclusion of every match. For the hit effects, try to pick a light colour such as green, as this will allow you to see bullet registration clearer. Now for sensitivity, starting at fixed speed will support you to transition into in-game actions. However, for more experienced players, you should try speed acceleration.

For standard sensitivity, placing it at 55 will give a good starting block for screen movements. Try to match both ADS and Red Dot/Holo settings at 55-60. This will allow for a smoother aim and fire experience. For all firing sensitivity options, try placing them anywhere between 45-50. It will allow each weapon to give the same feel, this is until you feel more comfortable with aiming. Those are currently the best CoD: Mobile settings.

Tips and Tricks

Now that all the graphic and audio settings have been detailed, it is time for some tips and tricks to use on the field. Firstly, all the same principles from console and PC CoD titles apply for mobile. Nearly all maps have featured in past titles. For example, Rust, Highrise, Scrapyard and Terminal have featured in MW2. A list of all current maps can be found on the official CoD website. With this information, why not play private games and search for power positions, and identify equipment usage ranges.

Like all the best CoD games, rotating well enough can trap players into segments of the map. This will allow for frequent spawn trapping to occur. As mentioned in graphics settings, with our clear mini map, we can predict where are enemies will be. It is rare opponents will spawn close to your team, so look on the map for open spaces, and then position correctly. Before you load up, remember to choose a specialist for your playstyle.

Season Information

Only recently, CoD: Mobile season 7 had been announced. In collaboration with Ghost in the shell, the new season will be called New Vision City. In what is an update that brings many changes, Battle Royale will be receiving a new area. All complete with a futuristic leaning, it is sure to be an exciting change to the game. Additionally, instead of reviving teammates with dog tags, players can collect ghosts.

The new weapon players will be able to pick up is the Switchblade X9 SMG. Last seen in Black Ops 4, this model will have huge similarities. Expect to see this SMG be the topic in many highlight clips. Speaking of the new season, all new items and weapons can be worked towards on from August 3rd 5pm PT. As a precursor, if you take the time, the best CoD settings for you can be configured before the start of the new season.

CoD: Mobile esports

We may be approaching the season end for CDL 2022, with the finals being hosted from August 4th-7th. With a live crowd in attendance, the Galen Centre in LA, California, will have an electric atmosphere. However, CoD: Mobiles season is by no means finished. Five regions which include North America, Europe, Japan, India, and LATAM still have their finals to play out. Once the finalists have been confirmed from each area, they will enter the bracket for the World Championships that are being held in December.

Matches will be played in a double elimination bracket, a similar structure to CDL 2022. So, if you want to see first-hand how professional players compete, action can be found on the CoD: Mobile Twitch and YouTube channel from 13th August. This is where you can see all the best Call of Duty players.

In the meantime, go and test our CoD pro settings, tricks, and tips, who knows you may find yourself playing at the top level at some point.