Call of Duty Warzone Pro Settings that will make you play like a Pro Player

Call of Duty: Warzone, the franchise’s first battle royale venture is still one of the most popular games in the genre. When released initially in 2019, it received much love from fans of the game, and general battle royale players. This has led to countless pro-am tournaments taking place, and content creators across the world consistently providing tips, tricks, and entertainment for the community. In this guide, we present to you our Warzone pro settings.

As we approach the imminent release of MW2, claims from some streamers that Warzone is dying, could not be further from the truth.

As with any BR title, it is the smallest changes that can reap the greatest of results. From having a monitor that can refresh quicker, to having a sensitivity that enables consistent accuracy, each aspect is important. However, settings should work around the player as everybody will function at different levels. We have the information on the best CoD settings that should support you in winning more gunfights.

warzone pro settings

Graphics Settings

Our main goal is to increase the level of detail on your screen, whilst minimizing any frame rate loss. Like our Vanguard and Cold War setting reviews, we understand everyone will have different monitors and set-ups. However, our settings will show you how to get better at Warzone.

Firstly, for Refresh Rate, choose the value closest to your monitors’ capabilities. For example, if you have a 240hz monitor, choosing a 240-refresh rate is optimal. Additionally, if you select full screen for display mode, you will receive minimal frame loss.

Having V-sync options and dynamic resolution disabled will increase the performance consistency of your display. Ultimately, it will enhance your overall frame rate. If you have a monitor that has an extremely high refresh rate, consider moving the custom frame limits to suit your display capabilities.

In terms of Brightness, follow the CoD recommendations of “not visible” and “barely visible”.

For the Field of View, you should aim for anything between 95-110. This will keep frames consistent, whilst offering a large sightline.

For your Camera Settings, you want the movement to be on least, as this will decrease shake.

Additionally, ADS FoV should be on affected and both texture settings should be on the lowest possible. Avoiding screen tearing is paramount, and with this being a large battle royale game, sacrificing slightly better graphics will grant smoother gameplay. For those that stream you may be affected by screen tearing, so turning off bullet effects and shadowing options may help.

warzone pro settings

Additional Audio and Visual Settings

Our additional information will cover a broad range of settings, and this can apply to all players. The last updates have addressed audio issues in Warzone. This had been due to footsteps not always registering and in some cases, weapons not projecting the correct sound from different distances. Now, as a precursor, each and everybody’s audio device will be different. Start from our recommendation, and then configure it slightly to your preferred settings.

  • Disable music volume, as you want to avoid the intense sounds when the lobby is losing players.
  • Next, set Dialogue to 50 so you can hear commands, and the master volume to 100 so global in-game noises are heard properly.
  • Additionally, if you place Effects on 100, you will be able to hear your own team and enemy teams going through doors and using the equipment.
  • Lastly, using Studio will allow for the most consistent audio performance. It excels in all areas for headsets, which gives an advantage.

Visually, for both monitors and TV’s, try and have their base brightness at 80%. You want to be able to play consistently well, so to avoid eyestrain, don’t have it 100%.

Call Of Duty warzone pro settings

Controller Settings

Like, audio and visual options, controller settings are highly customizable. Amongst the best Warzone players, settings are never the same. However, from the start it is recommended you have default settings enabled. This enables players to use the classic CoD controls everybody is used to. To avoid stick drift, which is very common for players on controller, select a value below .10 for minimum input. Additionally, increase max input to 100. If you want a more customized ADS, turn your sensitivity multiplier at 1.00 and then turn custom sensitivity on.

The next department we target is horizontal and vertical sensitivity. The average amongst all Call of Duty: Warzone pro settings is between 5-8. If you are new try 5, and then over time consider increasing that number. It is highly preferential, however, the more you play the more likely sensitivity will increase. Finally, if you have paddles for a controller, why not use them? It is common within the pro-Warzone scene for players with a controller to use paddles. With them, a player can shave milliseconds off button commands, which can be vital in fights.

Warzone Settings Tips and Tricks

Due to the popularity of both Caldera and Rebirth Island, we will highlight Warzone tips and tricks that apply to both maps.

To start, watch videos on both modes. This will allow you to gauge power positions, and routes that can be taken based on your class setup. For example, dropping in Arsenal for Caldera, and Bio in Rebirth will negate the possibility of being flanked. It will also provide a better chance to loot up before engaging with targets.

Next, it is ideal to wait for the circle to appear so routes can be planned. This will avoid disadvantageous positioning and limit the risk of elimination.

Next, you need a class setup that can work well on both maps. With the recent update, a host of MW and Vanguard weapons have received buffs. For our loadout, we will be choosing an overkill set-up. Below is one of the CoD Warzone best loadout options after the update.

Primary: Vanguard MP40

Attachments: Recoil Booster, VDD 189mm Short, Slate Reflector, Krausnick 33M Folding, Mark IV Skeletal, 45 Round Mags, Lengthened Ammunition, Stippled Grip, Quick, Brace,

Secondary: MW M13

Attachments: Monolithic Suppressor, Tempus Marksman, Corp Combat Holo Sight, Commando Foregrip, 60 Round Mag

Perks: Double Time, Overkill, Amped