How to Get Better at Warzone

There are many that will argue that Call of Duty: Warzone is the best battle royale to ever exist. And then, on the other side of the same coin, there are those who absolutely despise the title. However, one thing is for sure – everybody who plays Warzone is constantly trying to figure out how to get better at Warzone. It’s a constant process, and for many, it can only be achieved through long hours of practice, walkthroughs, companionship, and these all-important Warzone guides.

There are many things to consider when trying to get better at Warzone. It isn’t a simple ‘build-it-and-they-will-come’ process, as each match can often be completely different from the last, or the next. However, if you can hammer out a reliable strategy and fly into the map with some key tips in mind, there’s no reason why you can’t get better at Warzone. To that end, we’ve taken the time to compile a comprehensive, catch-all guide that will undoubtedly boost your Warzone win potential.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the guide.

How to Get Better at Warzone

1. Find your niche and dominate.

Typically, there are a few modes on Warzone to choose from, and they tend to revolve around the number of players per team. For instance, there will often be the option of playing solo, in a duo, trio, or as a four-man squad. This is true whether you’re playing on the main map, Caldera, or the smaller map, Rebirth.

Now, if you know your strength, you should play to it. If you’re truly a lone wolf and you play much better on your own, then stick to your guns and play on your own. If you have a cracked teammate and you want to run with them, then so be it. Ultimately, if you feel uncomfortable playing in a four-man squad, you’re going to slow them down and have a negative experience overall.

Find your niche and dominate.

2. If you play as a team, play as a team.


Image Credit: Wccftech

If we expand on the first tip, we can look to playing as part of a squad. For the most part, players jump into ‘quads’ because they simply want to play with their friends, for better or worse. However, when you’re playing as a team, it’s important to remember that you’re not the only person on the squad. While you might be better than your friends, if you’re storming off to take on squads single-handedly, you’re going to ruin the team aspect and almost certainly place yourself in the path of danger.

Furthermore, if you’re the best player on your team, it makes the utmost sense to stick with your squad. Not only will you be an encouraging presence, but your less skilled teammates can mirror your movements and learn from someone more experienced.

Ping targets, share loot, drop together – play as a team.

3. Finesse your movement.

In Warzone, movement is king – and no, we don’t just mean running around from point A to point B.

There are several mechanics that you’ll want to understand in Warzone and take advantage of. Most importantly, you should be figuring out how to ‘slide cancel’, a movement mechanic that can make you harder to hit and enable you to move faster across open ground. Generally, Warzone is a fast-paced game, particularly Rebirth, and you’ll never want to stop moving. Whether you’re launching in and out of windows and doors, leaping from rooftops, or taking advantage of a zipline, you should always be trying to finesse your movement.

Don’t stand still, don’t move slowly, and always be aware of your escape options.

4. If you want to be aggressive, be aggressive.

If you’re a player seeking high kill games, the best tactic is to combine a vehicle with a contract. For instance, if you land on a helicopter and immediately collect a Bounty contract, you’ll have a guaranteed target marked on the map nearby. If you’re playing with a full squad, this target becomes four, and if you’re good enough, you can wipe that squad before a single minute has ticked over in the game.

And then guess what happens next? That’s right – another Bounty. If you leapfrog from Bounty to Bounty, you’ll rack up the kills and also be rewarded with a hefty stack of cash to spend at one of the many vendors dotted around the map.

5. Learn the hot drops.


Image Credit: Gaming Hybrid

There are a few zones around the map that will be gold dust for those with thumbs. When you’re dropping into the map, it’s important to pay attention to the flight path and identify where these ‘hot drop’ zones may be. For instance, on Caldera, one of the hottest locations to land is usually ‘Peak’, which is the top of the mountainous volcano located at the center of the map. When you hit the ground here, you will likely be in close proximity to at least three or four other teams.

On Verdansk, the old hot drops used to be the likes of Supermarket, Prison, or Airport. If you’re playing on Rebirth, the hot drops are usually located around the roof of Prison, Control, or Nova. If you can land in these spots and grab a weapon quickly, you can get two or three kills within seconds of hitting the ground.

6. It’s not a bad thing to run away.

Let’s face it, Call of Duty is inherently competitive, and a true competitor finds it hard to back down from a fight. However, in many situations, that’s exactly what you should be doing, especially if you’re outgunned or outnumbered. There’s no shame in beating a hasty retreat, and in some cases, you can regain, reposition, and win the fight from another perspective.

For example, let’s say you’re part of a trio and your teammates have been killed. The enemy is closing in and they’re fully aware of your position, but you have an ace up your sleeve – two smoke grenades. With very little effort, you launch the smoke grenades in the general direction of the enemy, and immediately high tail it in the opposite direction, slide cancelling away from the hot zone.

Potentially, when you’re behind hard cover, you can return fire – but you’ve moved back, you’ve changed the face of the engagement, and you’ve maybe gained the upper hand.

7. Secure the super settings.

If you want to get better at Warzone, you’ll need to address your in-game settings. Typically, these will include sensitivity, field-of-view, aim assist options, and colour settings. For instance, if you feel like you’re not turning around to hit people fast enough, you’ll need to adapt your sensitivity to suit. If you’re using a mouse, you could boost your DPI or mouse sensitivity. If you’re on a controller, try moving the horizontal and vertical sensitivity fields up a touch.

When it comes to aim assist, there’s no one right answer, and it mostly comes down to experimentation. However, most people get on well with Standard aim assist and a Dynamic curve. Furthermore, if you’re boosting your FOV, which is something you should definitely do on PC, you should be using the ‘Affected’ field-of-view mode. This setting will give the impression of reduced recoil, making it seriously valuable in Warzone.

Auto-sprint, mid-air mantling, contextual tap – all of these should be turned on and ready to go.

8. Contracts are there for a reason.


Image Credit: IGN

Don’t just run around like a headless chicken – take advantage of what’s waiting for you. There are many different contracts in Warzone and all of them serve a noble purpose. From the Bounty to the Supply Run, and from the Most Wanted to the Scavenger, they all mean something to the player. If you want maximum cash as early as possible, then pop a Scavenger contract.

Here’s a key tip to get better at Warzone, financially:

Play with a full squad, and have the first person land on an out-of-the-way Scavenger contract. Then, have the rest of the players rapidly land on the remaining Scavenger boxes as they unlock. Within a matter of seconds, you’ll have stacks of cash to play with, and you can pop some UAVs and begin chasing down the enemy.

9. Diversification is the key to success.

It’s never a good idea to do the same thing over and over again. As we’ve already stated, each match can be different from the last, and you’ll need to be able to adapt in order to survive. If you lock yourself into one strategy and that strategy fails, you’ll have no idea what to do next. This applies to weapons and equipment just as much as it does movement, map positioning, and contract usage.

Where weapons are concerned, you should never use the same gun over and over again, particularly if it’s only suited to a certain situation. For example, if you adore sniper rifles, and they’re all you use, chances are, you’re going to be useless in a close-quarters engagement.


10. Remain unexpected at all times.

Think like a hunter and you’ll probably become one. If you see someone through a doorway, what’s the last thing that you should do? Would it be a sensible option to charge at that doorway, relying on nothing but sheer grit to make it through the fight? No, but there are several other options you can take in this scenario.

For example, if you have tactical equipment like stuns or flash grenades, consider launching them through one window and entering the building through another. Alternatively, you can ‘fake out’, busting open a door in one place and then leaping through a window elsewhere. It’s about remaining unexpected and not taking the most direct approach possible.

There’s also a mechanic called the ‘re-chall’ which can be an absolute game-changer. Let’s say you’re being shot at as you run through a doorway. In almost every scenario, the enemy will expect you to keep running or to hide in that room. If you immediately turn on your heels out of sight and leap back out the door, guns blazing, you can take a pushing enemy by surprise.

11. Play to the meta.


Image Credit: Push Square

It’s called the meta for a reason and it ties in with our for diversification. If you want to get better at Warzone, you’ll need to study the meta weapons. These change on a regular basis as updates are pushed out, and the specific builds can often chop and change overnight. If you’re connected to the Warzone scene, or if you just know someone else who is, you can often build a weapon that will shred enemies in a matter of seconds.

Don’t rely on what you think works best – there are meta weapons out there for a reason. Sure, it’s ‘sheep behaviour’, but it’ll get the job done and enable you to get better at Warzone.

12. Hit the ground running.

This tip ties in with the hot drop guide – when you land, you’ll want to be moving from the second you hit the ground. In fact, you’ll want to have a goal in mind from the second you leave the aircraft. If you push down as fast as possible, cut your parachute before landing, and hit the ground running, you’ll be able to scoop up a weapon seconds before other players. This can be the difference between winning and losing that first engagement.

Get down fast, identify the closest weapons to you, and don’t stop until your landing zone is clear.

13. Understand that a loss means nothing.

Did you lose?

In the world of Warzone, that means absolutely nothing – unless you’re playing in a Warzone cash tournament, of course. If you’re playing casually, you’ll need to understand that a loss means nothing. It’s a learning opportunity at best, and seconds after you’ve left the lobby, you can jump right back into the game. If you’re taking losses seriously, you’ll be flying into the next game with a soured attitude, and you’ll certainly take the next loss even harder.

Focus on your game and understand that a loss means nothing.

14. Use the mechanics they give you.

There are several in-game mechanics that you should take advantage of in order to get better at Warzone.

For instance, mounting. It’s an ability that not many people use because of the mostly rapid style of play, but it’s invaluable in a mid-to-long range engagement. If you mount your weapon in Warzone, you’ll have almost no recoil, meaning any weapon instantly becomes a laser rifle. This tactic can also be used in close environments, mounting on the corners of walls and doorways, for example.

As we’ve already mentioned, slide cancelling, tactical parachute cuts, ziplines, and even the equipment you pick up off the ground can be used strategically. It all comes down to game and map knowledge.

15. Invest in your abilities.


Image Credit: Push Square

Finally, you should consider investing in your own abilities if you want to get better at Warzone. While this is a subjective tip, many people that play Warzone on a semi-serious basis will use some kind of augmented equipment. No, we’re not referring to things like Cronus Zen attachments, but augmented controllers with paddles, thumb risers, or mouse-click buttons. Typically, these will come in the form of Scuf controllers, but there are cheaper alternatives on the market.

Alternatively, consider picking up a better-than-average headset, as in Warzone, audio is just as important as visuals. If you can hear an enemy coming before they hear you approaching, you’ll almost certainly have the drop on them. Finally, there’s more niche equipment, such as gaming glasses to avoid eye strain, gaming energy drinks like G-Fuel, and even a better gaming chair.

Because most of the time, you’re only beaten by another player because they have a better gaming chair…

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