Warzone Cracked Creator returns Jan.24 – Format and How to Watch

The Warzone Cracked Creator series is set to return, this time with a 15K prize pool on offer for streamers and pros. Warzone competitions have gotten a jump start on the Call of Duty League this year. Numerous events have popped up over the early weeks of 2022.

Even in the early weeks of January, Warzone Code Red launched the year’s events off. The Warzone Cracked Creator series pits streamers and pros against each other, competing in a more casual and content-friendly event. This is how the Warzone Cracked Creator series works and what you need to know about the latest round.

Warzone Cracked Creator

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Warzone Cracked Creator

The Cracked Creator series is organized by TSTS and BoomTV. The tournament features a $15,000 prize pool this time around. The format for the event is a little different since it is more casual. Content creators are paired up with pro players to make a duo. This typically leads to some teams and dynamics that you wouldn’t normally see. No one plays with their normal squamates here.

The exact format hasn’t been fully confirmed yet. However, it is typically a kill race style of game. Players drop in as a Duo in a team and compete to get to a set number of kills over the course of a game. The Cracked Creator tournament will be kicking off on January 24th.

This was the format last time the Cracked Creator tournament ran. While there could be changes this time, we can probably expect something similar. The fun of this format comes from the unique match-ups, so it is best to keep things simple for the tournament itself.

Who is Playing in the Tournament?

The Cracked Creator tournament draws weird combinations of players together. However, part of the fun is the lack of lead time on these Duos, no one gets days to practice their performance together. We don’t currently know exactly which players will be competing in the tournament. However, last time around the roster included big names like Jorge and Spratt.

We can expect about eight teams to be in the bracket for this event. This should be four pros and four streamers in the event.

How to Watch the Warzone Cracked Creator Event

The tournament is being organized by BoomTV. You can find the official stream on OpTic Hitch’s Twitch channel, complete with coverage of the event. It is due to start at 12PM PT, 3PM ET, and 8 PM GMT. In terms of an end time, there isn’t a solid one in place yet. Fans will just have to watch the event and see how long the kill race lasts.

There have been quite a few decent-sized Warzone events running already in 2022. However, if you’re looking at Call of Duty betting then these events probably aren’t the most central to you. The Cracked Creator tournament brings in some pros, making it an interesting event ahead of the CDL 2022 beginning in just a few weeks. While the League is still the main event, these side Warzone tournaments are bringing in more and more impressive prizes.