INTERVIEW: Introducing Mokens League, Uniting Esports and NFTs

Mokens League

As the eyes of the gaming industry become further fixated on the emergence of NFTs, more operators are seeking to take advantage of the hype. In recent months, many top-tier gaming organisations have expressed intense interest in NFT technology and the integration of the blockchain into mainstream gaming environments. We’re here today to shed a little light on an all-new operator in the space, ML Studios, and discuss its upcoming NFT-driven ‘play-to-win’ platform, Mokens League.

According to the organisation, which is headquartered in Barcelona, Mokens League will address key issues in the crypto-based gaming industry. Firstly, it’ll tackle concerns regarding the ‘play to earn’ model, introducing a range of genuinely enjoyable and entertaining sports-focused titles that encourage gamers to ‘play-to-win‘. It’s reportedly a platform that will be ‘fun to play, easy to get going, but hard to master’.

We sat down with the creators of Mokens League to learn more about the concept and what’s coming from ML Studios.

Introducing Mokens League

Mokens League Screen

As a starting point, the Mokens League roadmap kicks off with the launch of a soccer game. It’s an offering that will feature both a free-to-play and an NFT-driven mode, with players purchasing Mokens NFTs to build up their in-game squads. Firstly, we wanted to find out how this game will change the current formula that exists in this space. What is the big differentiator between Mokens League and other, similar titles out there? What sets Mokens League apart from the competition?

Monster League Studios (MLS): Well, we are game developers but before AND on top of that, we are gamers. We play our own games and we don’t play games that are not fun. We are simply not going to compromise on this. The whole point of the seed round was to raise money to develop and find the right product-market fit. This is our main goal. This translates into making a game that is FUN TO PLAY, FUN TO WATCH. Given that the majority of P2E games utilise a non-skill-based model, how do you anticipate Mokens League will perform very early on in terms of adoption?

MLS: The truth is that there are not many P2E games out there and users in order to optimize their earnings are playing all P2E games they can find. Mostly because all games are capped in the amount of crypto you can make in a day and every new game is an opportunity for them to make more money on the available gaming hours.

That’s why we think that adoption is not an issue for us. If anything we should be very well received because we are launching a soccer game, the most played and watched sport on the planet, virtually everybody knows how to play soccer and our approach to the game is not on the simulation realm like FIFA, we are aiming for a fast-paced, FUN sports game that anyone can play but it’s hard to master.

Regarding the effort, we will see what happens but generally competitive gamers not only play for fun, but for recognition of their competitive skills. We are going after these players. Do you anticipate that the NFT prerequisite to play the game will be a blocker to new players interested in Mokens League?

MLS: We have a free-to-play mode where users can play for free with non-NFT characters. Ideally, users will start there and once they’ve tried and liked the game they will move to the NFT + Crypto side of the game that requires NFTs and our tokens to play and compete.

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Connecting The Community

Mokens League NFT

ML Studios is anticipating a title that will be equal parts fun to watch and fun to play. With that in mind, there’s a requirement to win over the streaming and content creation communities – which is something that we discussed with MLS. How do you anticipate Mokens League, and subsequent sports-related titles, would perform in the streaming community? (discussing that the most successful titles in streaming are typically FPS, RPG, Battle Royale, and MOBA)

MLS: The games genres that you mentioned are the leading esports genres in the world and that’s basically why they have huge audiences. Remember that game streaming was basically invented by esports players. We are now bringing an offer to this platform that features sports games with that competitive edge. Looking forward to seeing how the streaming world reacts, but I think that it will be positive since with Play to Earn alone we’ve seen an increase in the number of transmissions of this genre. Consider that most P2E games right now are not that fun nor streamable. Do you see a more PvP-focused title, potentially even a Battle Royale title, surfacing in ML Studios’ future?

MLS: For Mokens League Soccer, there is a mixture of both combat and sports mechanics: we are drawing a lot from Super Mario Strikers from Nintendo where the mix of sports and battle is there but transparent. Our game features skills and abilities that will shape the pitch or the “battleground” as we like to call it, in many different ways. If we are thinking about other game modes? absolutely, for now, it is all experimental but it’s on the table. For now, we are going to focus on doing one thing really well and move from there. Are there any plans for partnerships or affiliate programmes with content creators and streamers?

MLS: Absolutely yes. We are already working with gaming guilds and dedicated marketing agencies to create product and incentive packages for creators and streamers.

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Turning To Technology

As a potential disruptor to the vertical, ML Studios has a bold vision for how it can impact the industry. For our final point, we’ll address an internal project happening behind-closed-doors at ML  Studios, which boasts the goal of introducing Mokens League content directly to the most well-established streaming platforms. We’ve seen mention of an ‘MLS streaming system’, which is described immediately alongside the likes of Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube. Can you expand on that term and explain what the MLS streaming system is, and how it fits into the Mokens League ecosystem?

MLS: This is an ambitious project. I can tell you that the first iteration will be the integration of Mokens League with the major streaming services. We will be having a 24/7 official streaming channel that uses an algorithm to find users from all over the world that are streaming the game AND are having an interesting match to put them in the spotlight and stream their matches. We want to show amazing content all day and help streamers to reach new audiences. There is more to this that can’t be disclosed at this time.

If you’re interested in learning more about the platform, you can check out the whitepaper and pre-register for beta phases at To start with, the Mokens League Soccer title will be launching a beta stage on PC and Android platforms, before also opening up to users on iOS platforms. As per the roadmap, these stages are due to kick-off in Q3 of 2022 – so there’s plenty of time to read up and learn more about Mokens League.

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