If you’ve spent any time playing video games in the last decade, you’ll have come across the acronym P2W. But what is the P2W meaning and is it a good or a bad thing? Join us as we take a look at what P2W games are and why they are such a hot topic!

P2W Meaning

The P2W meaning explained in simple terms

The basic P2W meaning is that something is ‘pay to win’. This acronym is most commonly used in video gaming, but it’s a concept that can also apply to anything from regular sports like basketball and football to even business.

The P2W concept really took off when microtransactions entered the video gaming realm. This means that you’ll actually be buying things like loot crates or even skins to gain an advantage over other players who haven’t purchased the items.

Such microtransactions are most commonly linked to free mobile games, but the P2W concept has emerged in everything from AAA console games to crypto games and beyond. So if you are using money to buy better gear or make upgrades at a faster rate than the other players, you’ll be sustaining the P2W concept.

Are P2W videogames good or bad?

Now we’ve had the P2W meaning explained, it’s pretty clear that this approach gives a player an unfair advantage. As such, P2W games are hugely unpopular in the video gaming realm. After all, the fact that one player could pay their way to gaming success goes against the ‘level playing field’  that has been something of an unwritten rule ever since the video gaming revolution began.

As such, the accusation that a certain kind of game is P2W is a damning verdict. This is especially true as all games developers will try to disguise the fact that any of their games are P2W.

While there is little doubting the hatred vented upon P2W videogames, such an approach is one of the only ways that free to play games will ever create revenue for the game developer. Despite this, it is the underhanded way in which payments are demanded of the gamer that is perhaps the most unsatisfactory aspect of the P2W concept.

The most notorious P2W games

We thought that it would be good to have the P2W meaning with a few examples of some games that have been accused of being overly pay-to-win.

  • Clash of Clans – This iconic mobile game is notorious for having lots of in-game items that give paying players a big advantage. The Gold Pass is one particular example of how Clash of Clans has become one of the archetypal P2W games.
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 – OK so this isn’t P2W anymore, but the EA game was the centre of a massive furore when it introduced a bunch of lame P2W mechanics.
  • Pixel Gun 3D – This is a fun shooter that has been massively let down by rampant monetisation throughout the entire game.
P2W Gaming

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Conclusion – The future of P2W gaming

Now that we’ve had the P2W meaning explained, you’ll be able to see that it’s one of the least popular things to hit the video gaming world in years. While P2W is an unpopular concept, it’s probably going to stick around.

After all, the monetisation of video gaming has expanded way beyond simply buying a game upfront. The fact that there are play to earn crypto games shows just how fast things are progressing. Thankfully there are still plenty of f2p games out there that don’t use such an underhand approach as P2W for you to enjoy the best in gaming.