MTG Arena Update – Esports and September Events

MTG Arena is getting everything in line for the launch of a new update; Innistrad Midnight Hunt. MTG is one of the oldest games and it has maintained an ever-growing fanbase, especially with MTG Arena and its roster of competitive events. This new expansion is bringing new content, an event schedule, rewards, and a new format for esports. The new update is due to launch on September 16th, this is everything you need to know:

MTG Arena Update

MTG Arena Update

While Magic the Gathering is mainly known as a physical card game, Arena is the digital representation of this game. Working similarly to other card games, MTG Arena allows players to compete in an international way here. The new MTG Arena update is consisting of a few differences and events, this is what’s going on.

September Arena Open – MTG Arena updates and Esports Competitions

With any new change to MTG updates, new esports events are going to be a fun part. The Arena Open is just about to kick ff. It’s running from September 11th through to 12th. The gameplay is going to be held in the Historic format. The tournament will only run for two days, but games are going to go quickly. There will be best-of-one and best-of-three formats. There’s also an entry fee of 20,000 gold or 4,000 gems.

Anyone who registers for this event will receive a Svelun of Sea and Sky card sleeve. You can also rack up cash prizes up to $2,000 for your performance in match wins. This is a fun and open tournament in which most players stand a decent chance. While it isn’t quite the format for esports betting, everyone will receive at least a cosmetic reward.

MTG Arena September Events

 The September open isn’t the only MTG Arena update esports event kicking off. There are a few others on the horizon now:

  • Jumpstart historic Horizons – This running all the way through to October 14th.
  • Tinker’s Cube – This one is going from September 3rd through to 16th.
  • Midweek’s Magic – This will feature Standard Singleton, it’ll run September 14th through to 16th.
  • AFR Quick Draft – This will run from September 17th through to October 1st.
  • MID – This is another October event, running for just over two weeks October 1st through to 15th.

MTG Arena Ranked Rewards

The September arena season has already started and it is due to run through to September 30th.  There are some decent rewards on offer from this season and the MTG Arena update, this is what you can get:

  • Bronze Rank – One AFR Booster Pack
  • Silver Rank – One AFR Booster Pack and 500 Gold
  • Gold Rank – Two AFR Booster Packs, 1,000 Gold, and a Power Word Card Style
  • Platinum Rank – Three AFRD Booster packs, 1,000 gold, a Power Word Kill, and an adult gold dragon card style.
  • Diamond Rank – Four AFR booster packs, 1,000 gold, a Power Word Kill, and adult gold dragon card style.
  • Mythic – Five AFR Booster Packs, 1,000 Gold, a Power Word Kill, and an Adult Gold Dragon Card Style.

That’s what you stand a shot at getting if you play through the season. However, it will take some real commitment to get those highest tiers of rewards! The new MTG Arena Update look set to be a lot more promising than the last one, make sure you pick up your free rewards if you’re jumping back in!

Free MTG Arena Rewards

Wizards of the coast are releasing a free reward with the MTG Arena update. Entering in SCALEUP will get players 3,000 XP for their mastery levels just before things kick-off. This is alongside the code PARCELMYR for some general rewards. Both are to reward fans after Patch 2021.08 had a large number of bugs.

Innistrad Preorders

Innistrad preorders are continuing, with a few more details and bundles being made available. One features an Arlinn theme and is going to be mainly for Constructed players. Another features Wrenn and Seven, with tokens for a draft.