MultiVersus 1.03 Patch – Combo Decay, XP gain nerfs and Rick

The MultiVersus 1.03 patch hit the servers this week, and we are already feeling the effects. Apart from, Rick from Rick and Morty is arriving, we have serious XP nerfs that nobody likes and some major balance changes. That’s alongside a major change to the game’s combos which should force players to be creative with their moves. This patch is bringing new content too.

Multiversus Rick

MultiVersus 1.03 Patch and how it feels

There are big changes to the balance in the game that are going to have repercussions for MultiVersus competitive play. This is what’s new, and what’s changed with the combo system:

Infinite Combo Decay

The Infinite combo decay mechanic has been added into MultiVersus 1.03 patch. It’s based around strings of more than four moves, and forces players to use different attacks to keep things fresh.

The basic combo move in MultiVersus works similarly to the neutral attack in Smash. In the past, this could be chained. From now on, there’s going to be a bit of a cap on combos instead. If the same attack is used four or more times in a single combo, a decay will kick off. This will reduce the effectiveness of further attacks after this in the combo.

This is going to push players to mix up their moves. Alongside shortening the basic combos, it’ll impact more technical combos that are based on specific moves. This cap on combos is going to apply game-wide, not just to characters who have exploitable moves.

This change is going to force players to keep things creative. In the upcoming MultiVersus tournaments, we might see this have a bit of an impact as it forces players to think outside the box with combos.

Rick Joins MultiVersus 1.03 Patch

The other major change with the MultiVersus 1.03 Patch is Rick joining the game. He joins Morty who is already there. The character is a Mage here. He has decent ranged attacks like other Mages, with a varied kit. One of his most central moves is his blaster. This comes with a big change.

The blaster is going to bring in a new overall knockback system. This means he won’t receive as much knockback as normal, instead it’s going to be part of the new light projectile classification. These types of weapons won’t have the same knockback as heavier weapons. At the moment, it’s just Rick’s blaster and a support move that it is applied to.

Other Changes

The other major changes to the MultiVersus 1.03 patch include some changes to XP. Players will now need more XP to get between Level 3 and 15 on the Mastery Track. This will make progress through this part of the game a little longer for everyone. There are also some minor changes, like replacing the free tutorial character from Shaggy to Wonder Woman.

Bugs Bunny, Finn, Jake, Shaggy, Superman, and Velma have had lighter nerfs in the game. Garnet, Gizmo, and Steven Universe have all had buffs. This is particularly helpful for Steven Universe who has been pretty underpowered since the game kicked off.

This new MultiVersus 1.03 patch is a mixed bag for players. The combo decay definitely makes things look different. A new character is always an exciting addition too.