Morty added to MultiVersus – Balanced, broken or bleh?

MultiVersus’s first season is in full swing and it’s just gotten the first new character for this season. Morty has been added to MultiVersus. The Rick and Morty protagonist is now playable in the crossover fighter.

The new addition has been hotly anticipated, but new additions have had weird rollouts so far with plenty of newcomers having a teething period. Morty seems to have fared okay so far. However, experienced players are yet to really break the character down and see what he can do. This is what’s happening with the new addition and what the response has been like.

Morty Multiversus

Morty Added to MultiVersus

Morty arrives just a little bit after the initial launch of Season 1. The character has a unique move set. He can use a muscular enhanced left arm and alien devices from the show he hails from. The character is a decent addition and feels unique from the rest of the cast so far.

There are some fun moves that players have been messing around with. He can move quickly as a smaller character, and has a fun ability to knock around players on the base of the platform that’s been the driving force of some viral clips for him so far.

Almost from the get go, we will have some major changes in the coming patches. Most new characters in the game end up with some big balance alterations as players react to the addition. How exactly is Morty going to be balanced though? At the moment, the response from players to the character have been mixed.

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Reactions to Morty

The player response to Morty has been pretty positive so far. Few have called out broken moves or mechanics. Some even think he’s underpowered. A main criticism so far seems to be his lack of kill options. Players have called out how the character has a habit of running down the clock, lacking the moves to really smash opponents off the stage.

Some have issues with the way he was rolled out. If not the fighter himself. They’ve claimed a lack of marketing has contributed to the character not getting such a huge launch.

While the launch could have been better, it’s important to keep perspective. MultiVersus is by far one of the most played fighting games, hitting Steam peaks that other fighting games have never managed. Even without a ‘spike’, it’s performed better than most of its competition does.

Marketing for Morty was atrocious. No trailer, no changing of character on the main menu, no Morty splash art when you start the game = No Steam player spike for a NEW character release from MultiVersusTheGame


Morty’s Classification

NAKAT, one of the winners of MultiVersus EVO 2022 has agreed with others that called out the character’s weird classification. Mainly that he feels more like a Mage than a Bruiser. Others have called out his comedic aspects. Particularly his pity inspiring crouch.

The reaction to Morty so far in MultiVersus has been pretty level. The character hasn’t been called out as broke. In fact a lot of people seem to think he’s, if anything, a bit underpowered. As with any new additions though, the real test will come once players are used to him. High-level players are sure to start figuring out some better uses of his kit like combos, and likely more kill options. It’ll be then that we see truly how well Morty in MultiVersus is balanced.