MultiVersus Season 1 – New Release date & everything we know

MultiVersus has exploded in popularity since its launch in late July. We just recently witnessed a meta-breaking MultiVersus EVO tournament, while the game also passed over 10 million in sales. MV got a huge player count for such a novel title. MultiVersus Season 1 is going to bring even more content to the game, like new characters, arcade mode, and even a ranked section for competitive play. There’s also a new Battle Pass!

This is everything we know about MultiVersus Season 1 so far:

When Does MultiVersus Season 1 Release?

The original MultiVersus Season 1 release date was August 9th. However, this has been pushed back a bit, but still coming in August. The devs just need a bit of extra time to get everything in order. The new release date is set for August 15th.

New Characters in MultiVersus Season 1

The characters in MultiVersus are probably the most exciting new additions. The game has a diverse cast. The two new additions in Season 1 are going to be Rick and Morty. These will be separate characters, so you can fight as the scientist loaded with weapons or a teenage boy!


Morty is going to be a bruiser class character. He’s an ‘expert-level’ character. Developers are planning for the character to have a high skill level, not a main for new players to jump into. He’s going to be a close-up brawler. Since the character isn’t really known for melee fights we can probably expect a creative moveset. He is due to be added into the game with the launch of MultiVersus Season 1. Whenever that comes, he’ll be available.

Rick will be in the game as another separate character in the game. He is going to be a ranged character. We’ll likely see him use his array of guns and other weapons from the show. Rick won’t be in the game at the start of Season 1. We’ll probably see a short delay after Morty gets added before Rick arrives.

There might be more characters coming soon after release. Depending on how much of a gap there is between Rick and Morty releasing, we could see a few more characters in this season as early as late September.

Multiversus Season 1 Rick and Morty

New Games Modes in MultiVersus Season 1

Season 1 of MultiVersus is going to be bringing a number of new game modes! These will expand the title out. You’ll be able to play in different ways, and not just be limited to normal fights. These include some big missing titles from the game.

Ranked Mode

Ranked Mode is going to be added into the game with the new release. This will likely use a skills-based match making system. Players can try to work their way up to the top ranks and compete against other high-level players to prove their skills. This is a vital addition to MultiVersus.

We don’t know much about how the ranks are going to work or how you can compete in this mode. It’s probably one of the most anticipated new modes for MultiVersus Season 1 though.

Classic Arcade Mode

This mode is the other new addition. We don’t know as much about it. This one is probably going to be an offline mode where players face a series of Ai opponents, that will likely get harder with each level. That’s what this mode tends to be on other fighting games at least.

MultiVersus Battle Pass

One of the most exciting parts of the new season is going to be the launch of a Battle Pass. This will have cosmetics included like skins for characters, items, and more. It will be priced at 950 Gleamium.  Battle Passes are a great way of getting more cosmetics and adding the challenges of leveling up to the game.

That’s everything we know about MultiVersus Season 1 so far. When it comes to the game, we’ll get further details in future updates. There are also plenty of esports events upcoming like the Coinbox MultiVersus edition. It looks like there’s a lot to keep players busy with the game.