NAKAT and VoiD went full Tom and Jerry for the trophy at EVO MultiVersus

NAKAT and VoiD were crowned champions at EVO 2022 after dominating the finals and crushing the established meta. After the big MultiVersus nerfs to Taz, and Lebron and Iron Giant bans in effect at the EVO 2022 MultiVersus tournament, it was off-meta picks that sealed the deal.

This MultiVersus EVO 2022 tournament quickly become one of its most anticipated events, with a huge prize pool for a brand-new game. The event itself was marked by the dominance of Bugs Bunny and Velma as the main two characters chosen by most duos except our champions.

Multiversus finals EVO 2022

Character bans, meta picks and fun picks at EVO MultiVersus

Lebron and Iron Giant were the two newest characters to hit MultiVersus, and understandably disabled at EVO. With Multiversus breaking records, we couldn’t have experimental picks at a live event. Recent Taz nerfs also meant the meta will be skewed toward Bugs Bunny exclusively. In fact, all teams chose Bugs as one of the core picks during the bracket run. Velma was the priority support to go alongside him.

The tactic worked all the way up to the finals.

After losing to the meta pick and ending up in the lower bracket, Nakat was understandably salty considering the way they lost and also got bantered on. Bugs and Velma were the plight of this event and everyone was actively looking for a working counter. It was Void and Nakat that finally cracked the case going through the lower bracket.

And indeed the runback happened. Tom&Jerry / Wonder Woman as a combo saw RoseJ and MirrorMan kiss the side wall way too many times. It was an exhilarating final, with the first round potentially going either way. Once we reached Round 2 we already knew where this was heading with the established “pocket pick” easily winning out.


With MultiVersus just getting started in its competitive gaming journey, we are glad the finals at the first event were as exciting as they were. The first event went without a hitch, and all players seemed to enjoy. Big changes are going to be rolling out pretty regularly soon. LeBron and Iron Giant are only the start, and we can see the devs are taking balance seriously. Compared to some other fighters, a lot of work is being done to keep the game in a healthy competitive state.

We are looking forward to a strong Multiversus competitive scene.

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